My relationship with food

It’s so ironic that just when I choose to take a step back from blogging so much happens that I want to blog about. It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife, eh? (Yeah, that’s not really irony, but you know what I mean.)

So my relationship with food hasn’t been great over the last 2 years. Illness meant I jumped from gluten free, dairy free, egg free and then, simply, variety free. I was living off cereal and soya milk for a while and I don’t care how much they smile on the adverts, 3 bowls a day just don’t cut it, k?

I fell off the dairy wagon, climbed back on, tried meat free, fell off again. I’ve put my body through the wars and I only have one body so that really needs to stop.


But the past few months, I’ve really pushed my luck. Along with other health issues I have (I’m just a picture of good health, right? Holland and Barrett, hit me up to be your poster girl) and after weeks of pain, I finally went to the doctor and was made to feel less than welcome. I sat across from my new doctor and explained that I always avoided getting treated for anything, laughing nervously, trying to downplay a genuine fear of wasting anyones time.

“Well, we only have ten minutes.” He said. I was out in five.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and wearily restarted my dairy free journey. And two weeks later, I’m proud to say I’ve stuck to it. I’ve eaten a 90% vegan diet and found it working well – until the past few days. I’ve been in constant pain, it’s been extremely unpleasant to say the least and the sickness/headaches can appear from nowhere. My stomach swells incredibly fast, meaning I’m uncomfortable almost all of the time. I cannot wear jeans, guys. My Topshop Joni’s are missing me.

Eating has become a source of anxiety as I’m guaranteed to become unwell. So I called and booked another appointment and sat chewing my lip in the waiting room (wearing extremely flexible joggers), fully expecting to be made to feel ridiculous and told to start another food diary.

I was pleasantly surprised that I was given a different doctor and she couldn’t have been more understanding. She praised my choice to go vegan, and explained why the lifestyle may be affecting me. She did further tests and is checking for coeliac disease and also offered me peppermint oil tablets to help with the transition.

So now along with my vegan diet, gluten is going out of the window. See ya! I may as well start now, because I cannot face another trip to ASDA in sweatpants because nothing else fits. 

A big thank you to everyone on twitter for your wonderful recipes and suggestions. You’re all fabulous humans!




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  1. 17th December 2017 / 6:15 pm

    I’m so glad you got to see a nicer doctor who took it all more seriously and has helped you find a new road to go down! I am sure you will get on top of all of this and finally get back to a place where you have a more comfortable relationship with food! We all deserve to enjoy good meals and good times regardless of what we can or cannot eat!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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