Vegas Lashes!

I remember the first time I put on false lashes. They were a pound pack I’d picked up, and my lord they looked terrible.

They were waving at me by the time I’d gotten into the taxi, they were wonky and half way through the night in a drunken rage I’d yanked them off. My lashes were a clumped mess but after a few sambuca’s, who cares, eh?

That was when I was 18, and it wasn’t until my exes sister showed me how she did hers (a fake lash expert in her own right!) that I really learnt. Trim them if needed, give them a bend, blow on the glue, make sure you’re wearing mascara. They’re rules I stick to now, and I’ve obviously upped my lash game too.

Eylure are obviously a huge favourite. They’re reliable, their options are amazing and you can reuse them. Their glue is top notch. So when the lovely folks got in touch at False Eyelashes, I was eager to give some new kinds a go! I opted for the Vegas Nay lashes Easy Elegance.

Now, these little guys were quite fiddly to put on. They’re a really natural look lash, so they were very fine. And my gosh, they looked stunning. And I mean, really good. They looked so natural, I was really impressed! I went out on the windiest day ever though and they were wiggling about, but for the natural look it is totally worth it.

The selection on False Lashes is, like, proper good. For reals. It took me ages to decide which ones to try because I didn’t realise just how many there are! Amazing service as well, they arrived super quick!

I highly recommend them. Check out their website here:

This is an ad post with False Eyelashes, but views are 100% my own!


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