Battle of the Bikini Lines!

Summer is coming up and lets not beat around the bush *ahem*, keeping your bikini line straight can be a bit of a nightmare.

Do you shave? Do you wax? Do you let it grow? Do you vejazzle? Is that even a thing anymore?

I’m always conscious of my bikini line, and I’ll be honest, I’m terrified of waxing. And shaving is such a stress, isn’t it? Getting that angle just right and praying you don’t slip and mow your lady garden too much, know what I’m saying?

So I decided to try something different and opt for a cream instead. I tried out two products from the opposite end of the price scale as well, to see if I can save you a couple of quid to go towards your Euros.

The first I tried was Veet hair removal. It was between £5-6 from Boots, and came with a little plastic spatula. It was simple. Smooth it over those strays, leave on for 5-6 minutes, then use the spatula to remove the hair. Bingo! It worked. It wasn’t great, to be honest, but it was okay. It made the hair less obvious, anyway. Shame it got a bit stinky after the 6 minutes was up.

After I was returned to… natural state (how else do I put it?) I picked up the Nair product from Home and Bargains and gave it a try. You didn’t get any device but the instructions advice just to use a warm cloth to remove the cream. This one is suggested to leave on a little longer, and so I left it on for 8 minutes. I removed it and it worked much better than the Veet! There were still the odd hairs (nothings perfect, right?) but it was smoother and much clearer than the Veet. And it was £2-3 CHEAPER. Bonus!

So there you go ladies. You don’t need to break the bank to keep your lady garden in line!



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