Photos with Printiki

I love taking photos. In our ever growing world of “check out my salad!” photos have become part of every day life. Sadly we never really print the photos. Not the ones of your salad of course, that’d be a bit weird.

But the photos that really mean something to us, we never print them. There’s nothing I like more than rifling through old photos when I’m at my parents. The endless photo albums and sleeves of Majorca 1995 just make me feel all warm and fuzzy (and a little embarrassed, why the fringe mum? Why?). My dad with a giant moustache, my mum with the Princess Diana haircut, my brother opening his first Sega at Christmas. These memories are undeniably the best part of our lives, but will our kids have the same experience?

There’s something off-putting about my son or daughter having to scroll through Facebook to see our first family holiday, or Christmas, or zoo trip. Having the photos, dusty and real in your hands adds to the magic of the memory.

So when Printiki got in touch and offered to print some photos for me, I was thrilled. I had so many on my computer, ready and waiting to grace my wall.

I chose the matte polaroid option on their website and started uploading my favourite snaps. A night out with my best friend, Germany with my family in 2010, Jason’s birthday, walks with Mei Lan – the times that hold the happiest memories for me.

A few days later they arrived, and I was overwhelmed. They were in that little paper envelope, similar to the Kodak ones from my youth (ah, the good old days). And it was so lovely to open them and imagine that some day in the future, my kids will find them and get to see a little piece of my life.

The photos are also super affordable – 30 prints came to less than £10!

So if you’re fancying a collection of photos for yourself, check out their website here.


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