Mother’s Day Gifts

I’m gonna try my best not to chat too much about my mum in this post, because I want to dedicate one to her on Mothering Sunday (‘cos she is boss).

My focus for this post is – what do you get the woman who you call mum? Momma? Big Momma? Mother? M-Dawg? Etc. Sometimes it seems like our budgets just aren’t enough to say thank you to the lady who, regardless of whether they birth to you or not, means so frickin’ much to you.

My mum is a fan of a bargain, so she’ll probably be more interested in how much I saved than the actual gift itself (not even kidding).

The one shop that is absolutely killing it in the season section is Home & Bargains. Seriously, that place at Christmas sleighed (hehe) everywhere else. From cutlery the full on decorations, this place is definitely worth a visit, even if it’s just for blogging props alone. The ever present roses in my recent Instagram pics are all from Home & Bargains.

I’m incredibly annoyed about the fact that I have just realised I’ve lost the receipt for what I bought and I want to scream. But I can give you rough estimates. FFS.

This cute little mug, which is one of many different kinds that they’re offering at the moment, was under £3. It also reminds me of Chip from Beauty and the Beast, so to all you who hoarded the Primark ones, I’VE GOT YOUR NUMBER, K.

There are also loads of different gift bags available, and I picked up this little cutie with pink peonies on it for 49p (from what I remember!).

Home & Bargains is also great for candles (always a mummy favourite!), perfumes at a discount and lots of chocolates! They also have mini marble candles, fake flowers (which feature in this post!), fudge, slippers and more!

So if you’re looking for some amazing budget mummy day presents, look no further!

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