Putting Eucerin Hand Cream To The Test

Hello my lovelies!

This cold weather is a bitch, right? I’ve noticed that this year in particular, my skin has really suffered, especially my hands.

Last week, my skin was so dry that my tan was cracked. That’s right. The backs of my hands looked like the surface of Mars. It was so embarrassing.

So I decided that I needed to defeat the dryness and get back my fabulous looking hands!

So I decided to break out the Eucerin that I’d been dying to use for a while, after the lovely people at Eucerin sent me some! As it’s intensive hand cream, I thought this would be absolutely perfect to help my skin recover and also keep protecting them from the cold weather ahead (especially our Doris, who has graced us with her presence today). I was also heading to Scotland, so I wanted to make sure I was protected!

So did it work out?

In a word, HELL YES. Okay that’s two words.

This hand cream is absolutely incredible. Not even an exaggeration. Parades should be thrown in it’s honour. I started seeing results within a day, after applying it twice a day. My hands were smooth, no longer cracked, and looked miles better than the mess they had been before.

So to sum up? This stuff is a miracle worker. Whipped on the thighs of an angel. Graced to us by the holy God’s and possibly even Thor himself.

If you need to improve your hands, invest in this little beauty!

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