Daily Vlog – Breakfast, University & Restora!

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Hello my lovelies!

I was absolutely thrilled when a few months ago I got an invite to an event at the Nicky Oliver hair salon in Manchester! Most of the events I go to are in Liverpool, so I was excited to go somewhere a bit closer (although I missed my Liverpool blogger girls!).

And new hair care always gets me going (not in that way).

This amazing product (all the way from Brazil!) works make damaged, bleached and lifeless hair look and feel amazing.

The event was lovely. They demonstrated to us how the product works by using it on one of the lovely girls who had bleached her hair and it was generally just colour damaged. We felt her hair before and after the product and the difference was amazing!

Whilst they were blow drying her hair, we had some food (including some delicious macaroons!) and some prosecco. I also had my hair braided because I’ve never had it done professionally and deep down, I just kinda wanna look like a Princess.

I also got to see the lovely Sarah again after meeting her at the Bloggers Blog Awards, which was so nice! And I was sober this time, which is a bonus.

We also got a lovely goody bag, including the Restora product, so I’ll be reviewing it on my own hair very soon!

The Salon itself is also extremely beautiful, so it was Instagram galore once I got there.

Also: a vlog went up with some footage from the event, so check it out on my Youtube channel here! Just search for Kayleigh Furfie on Youtube.com.

Check out my daily vlog which features the Restora event:


    • whitedaisiesbluejeans
      14th February 2017 / 10:07 am

      Thank you my lovely! Nothing better than a hair pamper! <3

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