2016 – A Year In The Life Of The Furf

Yes, I’ve stolen this from the Gilmore Girls. I don’t watch the Gilmore Girls though, and they probably stole it from something else, so it’s cool.

I thought it’d be a nice, although sometimes sad, run down of my year. I’ve had a significant number of things happen to me (although I immediately regret writing that because I’ve probably forgotten all of it), so I figured why not share it all?

So here it goes…


  • I joined a gym. Of course. Doesn’t everybody in January? I also started using a FitBit and aimed to get 10,000 steps a day. I succeeded for about a week. That shit is hard.
  • I also stayed in Jason’s flat by myself and set off the fire alarm every night (not even an exaggeration).
  • We got obsessed with Making A Murderer (yes, that was a year ago!) and Friday Night Lights (if you haven’t seen this yet, I highly recommend).
  • I fit into my first size 6 dress in a very long time (and it was gorgeous!). Had the best night out in Chester with my best friend, drank way too much, danced like an idiot.


  • February – the month of love! Jason and I went back to our favourite cottage in Denbigh, all through Air BNB (highly recommended, ladies and gents).

  • A woman got stuck in the lift in Jason’s building and was shouting very angrily for a good 30 minutes before the fire engine turned up. I felt bad for her, but it was also very funny.
  • I started my own 3D Printed Jewellery business!

  • Leo won an Oscar. Definitely worth mentioning.


  • I did a 34 mile walk for Charity with BT. I won’t lie, I only managed about 30 miles before I had to get carted away! Literally the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life. I couldn’t walk for about a week, my back kept seizing up and my legs ached.

  • I finally got Jason to take me to the cinema (something he hates to do!), and watch London has Fallen. He is now a cinema convert! YES LIFE.
  • Jodie, my lovely BT friend, bought me a vegan Easter egg. It was incredible. I ate it with speed.

  • Jason turned 27!
  • I helped my best friend move house and made a series of Me and my Plant pictures. Heavy likes. Comedienne in the making.
  • I also ditched using Facebook as much, because I found it to be extremely toxic!


  • I started blogging again. I remember sitting on Jason’s couch, telling him how much my work was affecting me. I’d already been off ill with stress the year before and I was worried about spending the rest of my career anxious and worn out. That’s when he reminded me how much I loved to blog and, why not do it again? So I did. And I wrote my returning post – “Stress, And All That Comes With It”.
  • My best friend Jo and I went to our favourite pub in Tarporley and signed the back of a receipt, that said “Get your shift together by this time next year. Dated: 17/04/2016.”


  • I was signed off with stress on the 1st of May. I started finding it difficult to keep my food down, was nauseated all the time and couldn’t handle anything with too much flavour (which included coffee, my heart broke).In an effort to keep me distracted, my best friend made sure I went out as much as possible. On walks, trips, for food (where I could eat!). One day was a trip to Leeds, which was the best day. We bought some tea from a company owned by Jo’s friend also, which was delicious! I also took this photo of cacti, which is a bloggers dream.

  • I did my first ever photo shoot with my best friend, and very talented photographer, Jo. I had loads of outfits to try and they all looked fabulous. I was terrified to post them, but I did, and I’m so proud of myself for doing it.

  • I turned down my first sponsored post after the items I received just weren’t good quality. I struggled with whether to even talk about the brand, or to disassociate myself completely. I decided to refuse any kind of association with them.
  • I started to appreciate the smaller things, after a life changing event.


  • My niece was born. We all travelled to Germany to see her, she was perfect. We ate incredible food, debated about Brexit and spent amazing quality time with my wonderful family.

  • We took the smaller roads through Belgium, got lost and sang Disney songs. I ate the best croissant I’ve ever had in my life (not an exaggeration). We drank great beer. I took long walks.
  • I thought so much about my future – what I wanted to do, what I considered happiness. Truthfully, I found no answers.


  • It was my birthday and Jason’s last night in his Salford Quays apartment. We spent the last night together, ate some really good food, drank a lot.

  • I spent even more time with my best friend who, for the first time in years, was living near me. We went for long runs, walked together, ate even more good food, laughed until our sides hurt and talked about how to make money. We also sold a lot on eBay.
  • I changed my name on Facebook and removed the “Blue” from my name that had been there from day one. It still hurts now and I think I may even change it back!
  • Jason’s business, PrintLab, launched!


  • We got Mei Lan. The little puppy of our dreams. She was adorable, with so much personality and massive paws. She chewed our feet a lot. 

  • I published a post explaining that I’d made a huge decision to leave my job of 5 years to pursue my dream of writing. I handed my 4 week notice in, resisted the urge to use all my holidays, worked out my budget and said my goodbyes. I’d finally be leaving the place that had caused me so much stress and worry. But I would definitely miss some of the amazing people I’d met there.
  • Jo and I went to a spa day that Jason bought us and had the most amazing massage.

  • I also had my first Dim Sum and lots of it.
  • Jo and I found a flat in Salford we wanted, after weeks of searching. It was so cute. But little did we know, it’d take us weeks of fighting to get it.
  • I also spontaneously attended my first ever blogger event, Liv Helps. I met some amazing people that I still speak to every day now! All hail the WhatsApp chat!


  • I returned to Germany, but in a darker state of mind. My mental health felt like it was being beaten, I was sad all the time and cried constantly. I was worried. I had to sell my car, but a car accident I’d had in it nearly two years ago was outstanding and the damage still hadn’t been fixed. I was still battling to get my flat sorted, despite handing over thousands in Estate Agent fees. I spent most of my holiday shouting down the phone. It was the most pressure I’d ever been under, and when I look back on it, I realise it was because my mental health was so bad.

  • I moved in (found out on the day we had no lift!) and me and Joanna spent our first night in the flat we always talked about having together. It was so exciting. We had no money, but it was then that I started to feel happy again.
  • I started my University course and tentatively talked to zero people on my first day. I actually thought I must be in the wrong lecture hall and went home, defeated. It was on the second day that I met Hannah, Lucy and Chloe – such lovely girls, who I thank so much for sitting with me that day!
  • I also attended an amazing make over at Charlotte Tilbury & had my hair done by GHD!


  • A few weeks into the flat now. I’m buzzing with interior design ideas, but acting on none of it because #poor. I got a job at TK Maxx and quit after 4 hours (must be a record, surely?).
  • I went to the Bloggers Blog Awards and met some Bloggers that I had been fangirling over for a long time. And drank too much and referred to them by their blog names more than their actual names. #embarrassing 



  • I submitted my first essay in 8 years! I also sat my first exam in just as long. I felt scared, but oddly confident.
  • Jo’s birthday! We went out to drink (and drank a lot), and also put up our Christmas decorations way too early. We watched Home Alone with the tree lights on and fell asleep on the couch.

  • I was published in The National Student! I made my own Dim Sum at home (I essentially heated it up, but I made Char Sui pork by myself so I got that going for me which is nice). Mei Lan experienced snow. I started to give a shit about how my Instagram feed looked!
  • At this point, we still haven’t put the heating on because #poor. Also, #determined.
  • I went on my firs actual night out in Manchester with the girls, although I didn’t last long because it turns out I had a kidney infection. Yeah. TMI.


  • December! The current month. I spent Christmas Day with Jason and his family, played Scrabble (and lost) and ate so much food.
  • Jason & his dad surprised me with an Olympus Pen. Mum & dad went to Disneyland Paris for New Years Eve and are still there now, having the best time.
  • We went on our first night out in a while and I drank way too much white wine. But I loved my Boohoo dress!
  • We spent a couple of hours of New Years Eve with friends, then went home and stayed in bed, snuggled up. We finished watching The Man In The High Castle (what an incredible series!), then watched the countdown and kissed at midnight.


  1. 24th January 2017 / 3:59 pm

    Sounds like one hell of a year! Love how you reported it – made me smile, giggle and want to know what came next. I hope you’re lots happier now 🙂 xx

    • whitedaisiesbluejeans
      24th January 2017 / 5:09 pm

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! Big plans in 2017 🙂 Hope you have an amazinggggg year!

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