Outfit of the (yester)Day.

I’m really lucky that I live with my best friend. We can spend lots of time together, drink and have fun. It also helps that she is sick at photography and is always happy to help me out with some photos on my blog!

A few days ago, she decided to go for a walk along the canal near our house to explore. She found that if you look to the right, there’s Media City and to the left, Manchester City Centre. All down this canal walk is covered in graffiti. A litter of beautiful colours thrown against a wall that would otherwise be dark and miserable. It’s beautiful, arty and of course a perfect place to shoot some pictures.



I bought this New Look skirt in the summer, mainly because it’s very 90s Rachel Green and I couldn’t resist. It buttons all the way up the front and looks so stylish, but sexy. It’s very long, so for 5″2 me I thought I’d struggle, but you can’t really notice it. Unless you’re walking up some stairs, then you may need to lift and watch your feet a bit!

The skirt is black & white, so I matched it with a black vest top from New Look. But it’d look great with most colours, to make the outfit really pop!




This is my absolute favourite picture from the shoot (as you can probably tell from me posting it on Instagram and all over my Twitter page!). This is looking towards the Manchester City Centre.

I’d had my hair curled by the wonderful GHD in Manchester the day before, so it was a much softer curl that had lasted. I’m lucky that style in my hair lasts for a good few days (thank god for dry shampoo, eh?), so I can really make the most of it!

My tan was applied in the morning (maybe 3 hours before this shoot) and is Fake Back Airbrush Instant Tan (Luxurious Golden Bronze). I was really pale only the day before, so the transformation to this was a relief!



If you want any photos taking like these and you’re in the Manchester area (or nearby), you can contact Joanna Hughes at joannahughes@hotmail.co.uk. All photos are taken on a Canon Digital Rebel XTI.

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