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I’m a big lover of hair.

Hair? You ask.

Yes, hair, I say.

I’ve been blessed with a lot of hair. It’s resilient, it’s long, it’s thick, it grows fast – and I love it. Sure, we have our arguments – a flyaway here, a kink there, but we still get along well. I treat her well, no more attempting to go blonde (damn my teenage years) and only the correct brushes and best conditioners (that I can afford, anyway). We’ve settled now into a good routine, same hairdresser, same styles, and we’re happy that way – so when it comes to someone else doing my hair, I’m protective of her. I only allow certain hairdressers to go near her, and even then I’m dubious. One bad experience and I’m out, for good, I don’t care if everyone else says it’s nice. Sure, she can be big and frizzy sometimes, but she’s mine to mess with and no one else’s. Like an annoying little sister, let me sort her out, alright?

So you can imagine my nerves when I approached the Supercuts event in Liverpool. Someone else touching my hair. Someone I hadn’t vetted. Someone I didn’t know at all. When one of the hairdressers asked who’d like their hair big and bouncy, I raised my hand – but was terrified.

supercuts event 3

Thankfully, I can honestly say that she, and all the hairdressers, were amazing. I breathed a sigh of relief when my hair didn’t frazzle and set alight, but instead it looked healthy, bouncy and beautiful! And the same went for all the bloggers – they looked stunning. Everyone walked away with beautiful locks and beautiful nails, thanks to the nail artist Jan who was superb. Jan also did eyebrow threading, which looked incredible!

The girls plied us with food and drinks (which is always the way to my heart) and were so friendly. I’d definitely go back – the results were great, the staff were lovely and there was a great atmosphere. And it’s in St John’s shopping centre, so who can resist a cheeky Dunkin’ Donuts afterwards?


The reason for the event is to launch Supercuts nationwide competition – #SquadGoals. The competition is running from o1 September to the 30th and it’s easy to enter – all you need to do is post a picture of you with your friendship group with the #SquadGoals, and you could win a VIP Photoshoot at the Tigi Bed Had studios in London worth over £5k. Pretty sweet, eh? And we all post selfies constantly, so what have you got to lose by trying? (Photos up to 6 people, enter via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by tagging SupercutsUK and using #SquadGoals.)

Also, a huge thank you to Tasmin for some of the photos – they’re amazing! @GrandioseDays 

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