My Summer Products


I know, I know. “What Summer?!” You cry at your screen. We weep together, we really do.

But cast your mind back to the odd 28-32 degrees we had for a day. It’s always worth being prepared for Summer, because in Britain, you never know when it’s going to show us it’s beautiful face and warm us all. Usually through the window of the office, because we never book time off, because what’s the point when there’s never a Summer? 

Moving on. I thought I’d ramble about what I consider my Summer essentials, some new products I’ve started using and some old ones that I heavily rely on! (I’d also like to apologise for some of the kitty hairs… she constantly rolls around while I’m taking pictures!)

Fake Bake Airbrush Spray on Tan – £28.50


I would never usually spend this much on a tan, but my team bought me a £30 Boots voucher for my birthday – and so I thought, what the heck? I really love this product so much.

The coverage is amazing, I had zero streaks. It was also a great colour and allowed for great build up and didn’t coat you so much that you’d end up looking like a Wotsit with no turning back.

It’s easy to apply, which is always a bonus. The issue with applying, maybe it was just the can I picked up, but the nozzle was a bit loose so it kept leaking onto my finger. So I had a brown index finger. Not easy to explain away, kids. Not easy.

It’s a bit pricey, but if you’re a big tanner and this is your number one beauty product, then it’s worth it. It’s also great for the Boots points.

The smell, although nice, is a bit overbearing, especially after spraying for a while. It got a bit much. But it is fruity, like oranges a bit, so isn’t terrible! Better than other biscuit tans!

It washes off pretty quick, but to be fair, I shower twice a day, seven days a week. Although I put it on at night, slept, and showered the next day and the tan did come off more than I was expecting. So I suppose this is best to judge for yourself!

Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived


I’ve blogged about this stuff before, but it is a huge Summer essential. I adore this stuff, it’s the dream.

It’s easy to apply, just massage it in all over, like a moisturiser.

Underarm tan worries are a thing of the past, I was tweeting about this with some fellow bloggers the other day. I put this under my arms now when I’m using the Fake Bake, so it isn’t erased by deodorant or shaving as much as it would be with normal tan. It’s a life saver!

It doesn’t really dry, but you can put it on at night, then shower the next day. So the sticky feeling goes, but the tan doesn’t!

Sure Motion Sense


I’m a big fan of roll ons, I’ve always found them to be better than deodorants. So when I found this little beauty, I was made up, because…

It smells great, which is always a bonus. We wanna smell gorgeous, right girls?

It’s compact, so you can keep it in your bag if you want.

It doesn’t dry very quickly, so you may have to lie like Rose on the sofa in Titanic for a while whilst it dries.

Hawaiin Tropic Satin Protection & Radox Feel Gorgeous Coconut


These products are my favourite Summer products. Hawaii Tropic smells gorgeous, it’s great protection and it’s small, which means it fits perfectly in your bag for the beach!

When I first bought this it was in Barcelona, so it was quite pricey – but I was happy to find that you can buy it in Home Bargains and other cheaper shops, so you’re not breaking the bank!

Radox is purely the way it leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and the smell is just to die for. Nothing reminds me of summer more than coconuts, so to smell like this all day is great. It’s also mega cheap (I buy them for £1 from ASDA!), so you can stock up. You don’t need loads either, so it lasts. Perfecto!

What are your Summer essentials, guys and girls? What makes your sunny days even sunnier?



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