An Afternoon in Liverpool



The great thing about family is that you’re never alone. After a tough few days (randomly crying for no reason, being unable to sleep, etc… oh the joys), I headed home on Saturday night and climbed into bed. I felt a bit lost, like there was a loud noise ringing in my head that wouldn’t shut up, so sleeping was difficult.

But my dad woke me up on Sunday morning and offered to take me out that afternoon. He left the house shortly after and I lay in bed and pondered my options. Do I spend the afternoon out? It meant washing my hair, finding an outfit, putting on make up and generally making myself move more than I wanted to on a Sunday. Or did I stay in and dwell on unimportant things, making me grumpy and irritable?

I grabbed my phone before I changed my mind and texted him: “Can we go for food in Liverpool?”


Sir Thomas Hotel & Bar


We got the 15:05 train (which meant we missed the rain!) and started off in St Thomas bar. My dad suggested it because he loves cocktails (yeah, seriously) and the cocktails here were amazing. It’s also only a 5 minute walk from Liverpool Lime Street Station, so it’s a great place to start if you’re wanting a classy drink with the girls! I was concerned about drinking, worried it might set off my anxiety, but I figured I should let loose and chill for once in my life, so I had a Cosmopolitan and dad had a margarita.

I drink Cosmopolitan’s in a lot of places (it’s my go to drink, not at all influenced by Sex and the City), and I have to say this was a really good drink. Some places just don’t get the mix right, but this one was spot on, so I was really impressed! My dad loved his margarita as well, so it was happiness all round!

A cocktail came to around £8.95, so it isn’t mega cheap, but it’s a beautiful, modern bar that just oozes class. The atmosphere is fantastic, even on a Sunday, so it’s worth a visit if you don’t mind paying a little bit more.

Turtle Bay Restaurant

Dad and I are big eaters – we love trying all different types of food, and lots of it, so we thought about what kind of food we wanted. Instead of going for the typical Chinese, Indian or Italian we thought we would try something different with Caribbean.

So I googled Caribbean restaurants and found the best rated in Liverpool was Turtle Bay – and lucky enough, there was one just around the corner! So we headed on over and got a table and I picked out the food for us (not because I’m bossy, but because the writing was really small and dad didn’t have his glasses. Okay and I’m a little bit bossy too.)

I wish I’d taken pictures of the food, but I hadn’t eaten all day, so I tucked in pretty damn quickly. We had a mixed platter to start, with chicken wings, garlic and chilli flat bread and more tasty goodies. The flat bread was the spiciest thing I have ever tasted, but was majorly good.

For mains we had Jamaican Browned Chicken and BBQ Jerk Ribs. Both were amazing, but the browned chicken was particularly amazing. Have you ever heard the phrase “taste explosion”? That was the perfect way to describe this dish. It was incredible; the chicken was cooked to perfection and full of flavour. I’d recommend this dish. They also came with dumplings which were light, fluffy and sweet, an surprisingly tasty contrast to the chicken.

The BBQ Jerk Ribs were to die for – the meat fell off the bone, the sweet potato chips were crispy and delicious. The food was just amazing, I can’t fault it. Dad had two cocktails and a beer and I had a beer and a diet coke and the entire meal came to £48. Not bad, considering just how amazing the food is!

Bar Signature


We then decided to head over to one last cocktail bar before heading home. We were walking past Bar Signature when I suggested we go on, because it looked really fancy (and the cocktails were 2 for £10). We had a lovely barman, who chatted to us the entire time – about cocktails, spirits, their new opening, football, blogging.

The cocktails were lovely too. Wonderful atmosphere, we had a good laugh and we chatted about premium spirits (including a £250 bottle of vodka, which was beautiful!). I’d recommend this place because it was quiet, dark and definitely someplace that’d be lovely to spend a lot of time in on a Friday or Saturday night.




I took an obligatory selfie in the toilet mirror, of course. It’s a right of passage.

So I went to a few new places on Sunday, and I recommend them all – so next time you’re in Liverpool and looking for somewhere to go, take a look at these places!

Do you go out in Liverpool a lot? Where would you recommend for food or drinks?

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