Nivea Double Effects Eye Make-Up Remover


I love to post about things that really work. I always feel a bit disheartened when I write the cons of a product, despite it being honest and you guys definitely deserve honesty! So when I find a product that really works, and I can’t find any flaws, I’m super excited!

I’ve mentioned this a few times on Twitter, but I’m a huge advocate of Nivea. I love their creams, face washes, lotions – and now make-up remover. So, let’s get right to it, shall we?

It works. On the days I wear liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara, my make up is like cement. I regularly leave the shower like the extra member of KISS that everyone forgot about. But this stuff, with two wipes, gets rid of all that.

It’s gentle. My eyes are tough when it comes to soap, but my mascara sometimes can make them sting. Usually if I get watery eyed (not crying at Super Vet, of course), my mascara can cause a serious sting in the eye. So I was wary when using this, but it doesn’t sting at all. Although, everyone is different, so don’t go pouring it in your eyes! Treat all new products with caution.

It’s gosh darn pretty. The two liquids separate, which is very pretty. The bottle is also small, cute and looks great on a blog picture (observe!). It’s a perfect addition to a make up bag!

It’s isn’t expensive. I picked up this bad boy for £2, which is fabulous! I also only have to use around 2 squirts on the cotton bud per eye, which means this has lasted a while and probably will continue to occupy my make up bag before it needs to be replaced!


The verdict? I highly recommend this! Especially if you coat on your eye make up like Buffy in season 3, then it should be pretty high up on your shopping list.

And for £2? That’s the price of a small coffee at Starbucks! So you can definitely buy this.

And then buy a Starbucks, because they’re amazing.

What do you use to remove make up? Have you got any products you live for?

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