Body Shop Body Mist!


I love to shop. It’s my thing. It makes me happy, it distracts me, it’s also good cardio (that’s a scientific fact, don’t question it!). My regular stomping ground is the Manchester Trafford Centre, because it has everything¬†the 3 S’s that every girl needs. Shops, Starbucks, Snacks!

And whenever I’m out shopping, there’s nothing I love more than to spend too much time in The Body Shop. I regularly wander around, rubbing bits of the lotions over every bit of arm I can cover, smell every soap… I’m basically a nuisance. But I can never decide!

Last week, after a particularly down day, I knew I had to find a good scent as my lovely Hugo Boss is officially on it’s last legs! So I excitedly tried out the new Body Mists, and was delighted to find that they have so many sales in there at the moment. So it made sense for me to buy multiple items, right?


So I splashed out on these three beauties, plus a cute little exfoliation brush for my face! These scents smell absolutely gorgeous. The Grapefruit is very sharp, so you don’t need much; the coconut is just every bloggers dream to smell and the Mango is a perfect every day scent.

I cannot brag about this little beauties enough – and for ¬£7.50 it just makes sense! They do also offer the scents in perfumes, but I wanted these little stunners to add to my collection of beauty products! The only issue with me doing that is that the bottles are glass, so I have to be careful I don’t let my usual clumsy self drop them!


So if you’re looking for some especially fruity, beautiful smells then remember to stop at The Body Shop – they had so many more fragrances in there, so you’ll definitely find something for you!

Have you popped into The Body Shop lately? What was your favourite purchase? Tell me, so I can buy it when I’m next there!

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