L’Oreal Glam Bronze


Summer is coming! *Glances out of window.* Okay, maybe not any time soon, but it’s on it’s way. It’s bought it’s ticket, but apparently the flight is delayed.

Still, it’s never too early to tan, right? I’m notoriously pale. Like, casper pale. I reflect the sun, I’m a danger to passing motorists. So I started using Dove Gradual Tanner (I’ll be reviewing this beauty soon!), and it’s works a dream. So naturally, I wanted something to touch up, when out and about.


I recently did a little photo shoot (as you can probably tell), as a confidence booster and to have some fun, in a week full of hiding inside and anxiety, it was exactly what the doctor ordered (literally!). So I bought this stuff, as I’d run out of my other trusty brand, and this was in Superdrug on a 3 for 2. I’ve lost the bloody receipt, and it isn’t being sold online, but from what I remember this was £12.99.

It’s available online at Boots though, at £12.99, so you can always have a little gander there.

It’s surprisingly big, and will no doubt last a while. It goes on really easily and looks amazing, really natural, so you’re not orange (thank goodness). It’s an instant result, so you can use it sparingly and top up when you need to.

I would really recommend this, for both your face and your body! It’s also a good excuse to get a 3 for 2, which is always great. Just remember to buy yourself a big make up brush as well!



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