Day Four

Another late post. I’m such a bad person! I also complain more than usual, so this is your *PRE-READ WARNING* to get out while you still can!

A late post today as I’ve been trying to keep my brain as busy as humanly possible. I’ve been out of sorts today, anxious, fiddly, unsure of exactly where to put myself. I felt a bit like I imagine boyfriends feels whilst they hold their girlfriends bags outside changing rooms. Like I didn’t quite belong, even though I’d been invited.

I went to the gym as usual, and did my 45 minutes (woohoo!) and felt instantly good when I walked out the door. I had my lunch, then sat down to figure out my day when the uncertainty plonked itself on my shoulder. I decided, instead of letting it rule me for the day and winding up in bed with Netflix, a hot water bottle and a head full of doubts, that I’d clean my room. Unclean rooms make me feel uneasy at the best of times, so I set out to sorting out my clothes, make up, books, DVD’s (who even has DVD’s anymore?) and organised my stuff.

I hoovered, mopped, moved things round and I felt exactly the same as before. Moody. Concerned. So much so that my afternoon gym session got kicked out of the window, which I’m really disappointed with. It meant I was hard on myself for not going and so the thought of eating made me even more anxious.

Gosh, I’m whining a lot. These changes make me feel strange. I know once I get used to the routine it’ll make me feel much better, but I do yearn for takeaway food and slobbing sometimes.

How was your day? Do you ever get in “funks” like this? What helps?

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