Day Two

Last night was really bad, anxiety wise. It’s horrible when you feel absolute dread about something when it hasn’t happened. I tried to figure out what has made me panic, but I’d had a lovely night watching TV with my mum and dad. Nothing remotely dramatic had happened. Unless you count the parrot dive bombing at my mum. But that was more funny than dramatic.

So with some encouraging words from the best friend (she also offered to call me and make soothing whale noises down the phone, which I declined at the time – but I’ll need to cash in that offer at some point), and after listening to my meditation tape, I felt better.

I slept well, really deeply. But it didn’t take long to remember how anxious I’d felt. Which then brought more anxiety. Ugh. So I got up, made breakfast and a cup of tea and then went to the gym. I ate really well, my hummus rice cakes were a good snack, then a ham, chicken and avocado salad and pretty much the same for tea.

I read an article in Cosmopolitan today that said that avocado’s can help your anxiety – bonus! It helps that they’re amazing. I’m also avoiding caffeine as much as possible (although I miss Starbucks more than I can even describe, that place is my church). Pretty much everything that triggers off the pain in my stomach also triggers off my anxiety, so this plan can only do me good.

t’s just a shame that a lot of conversations yesterday have made my feelings a little raw. Although saying a little raw made me think of a tiny dinosaur, so that’s pretty amusing.

Onwards and upwards? Bring on Day 3. Deep breath.

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