Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

As a blogger, we’re exposed to some amazing products. Whether we like it or not.

Even if we cover our eyes as we walked past a Boots 2 for 1 or take the long walk home to avoid the Debenhams sale, we’re still not safe. ‘Cos all we do is hop on twitter and our favourite blogger guys and girls are chatting about the latest product that we want.

That’s how I felt when bloggers were chatting about the Eight Hour Cream from Elizabeth Arden. I’d gaze dreamily at it online, my blogging devil and angel sat on my shoulder. My angel would say, “No, my darling! Resist! Think of the bills!” but my devil (who, oddly, always has the voice of Julie Walters) would say, “Just do it. British Gas can wait!” I resisted. Naughty little devil.

Imagine my joy then when I won this bad boy in a naughty and nice game at CarnLIVal. I was absolutely bloody chuffed. With its clean, lemon peppery smell and it’s silky smooth texture I am in love with this product. It’s really thick and it quenches my skins thirst – perfect for tan prep. Especially after I’d overused an over perfumed bubble bath (Ted Baker I love ya, but too much and my skin is dry!), Elizabeth came to my rescue and got me back to my smooth and sexy self.

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  1. 2nd August 2017 / 7:18 pm

    I laughed out loud at the idea that your devil has the same voice as Julie Walters. That makes so much sense!

    It’s a fact that the best products in the world are ones that make you feel like the company’s done you a huge favour, and even got short-changed because you’ve got so much out of a single product! I love a good deep moisturise just to get my skin feeling alive again, and the fact that you can use so little of this product at one time is a huge benefit, because it’s so powerful!

    • whitedaisiesbluejeans
      2nd August 2017 / 8:29 pm

      Damn that Julie Walters! I agree, I love having a product that i know I’ll buy again!

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