Movie Magic!

(Sponsored post in collaboration with Panasonic!)

Movie nights. We all love them. Whether we’re scrolling hopelessly through an endless list of films, preparing the popcorn or buying the snacks, there’s an undeniable buzz about spending the night in with a good, or even a bad, film. I remember snuggling into my couch at home, covered in a blanket, my favourite pillow in my lap with a plate of my dads best cooked grub in front of me. When I moved home more than two years ago after a break up, these nights were my favourite. Whenever we were all free, my mum my dad and I would settle down and watch films together and I forgot all about the heart ache. It was the first TV we’d ever connected up to Netflix (dad had just bought a new 4K tv) and we’d spend hours scrolling through what to watch, get the food ready and watch the goriest films together, hiding behind our pillows and laughing hysterically at how scared we were. I remember when we watched The Town That Dreaded Sundown – my god, that trumpet scene! 

Now I’ve moved out I dream of getting my own fancy tv and the selection is just massive. I had a nosy at the Panasonic 4K TV and I’m already in love with their selection. I can’t wait until Jason and I move in together and I can have one of those fancy tv’s on my wall and watch films together (although not gory ones, Jason is not a fan of them!).

And I know the tv will be the same and I’ll still get that buzz from the fear of a scary film, or a tear in my eye at something that is really heart warming (probably a film about a dog), but I’ll still always love going home, having some home cooked food and watching a horror film with my parents.


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