Small Businesses & Why They Matter

I used to own a business, did you know that?

It was called White Daisies Jewellery. Jason would design jewellery on various different software and we’d 3D Print it. I’d then attach the 3D printed pendants to necklaces, put them on fancy card inside pillow boxes where my trusty logo was stamped on the front. I was so proud of that business, and I got to work with some lovely bloggers along the way.

Due to personal issues, I had to stop that business. But it wouldn’t have even started if it hadn’t been for Etsy and the people who bought from me.

Almost everything I bought was from Etsy. The card, the packaging, the chains – all from small businesses, in an effort to help them pay their bills just like I was trying to pay mine. I was, and still am, proud of the fact that I could help someone on the other side of the country contribute to a bill, and he or she was helping my business grow so I could pay bills too. And that’s why I still buy from Etsy, even though my business is currently on hold.

Using a small business is important. My dad has always owned businesses and I’ve witnessed first hand how you can struggle, but also how you can flourish. And why? Because people really care about the work they do. A customers satisfaction is literally food on the table.

I have so many friends who are running small businesses at the moment, and they’re soon to become empires because of their sheer determination. Jason, my boyfriend, has his business and he’s my inspiration. My dad has always owned businesses. Jason’s dad has his own business.

But the two I want to talk about today are Jemma from Dork Face and Sammy and Katy from Curated Combination Box and Leaky Ceiling. Jemma is lovely, lovely girl with a heart of gold and a creativity like I’ve never seen. I am proud to have her art on my walls, to have my friends receive her cards, to have pineapple bunting across my best friends bookcase. Not only is she an incredible blogger, but she’s a brilliant artist.

Sammy and Katy are true inspirations. When they’re not running two businesses they’re working their own jobs, going to University and organising charity events. They are none stop girl bosses and I am so proud to call them my friends. I love them both dearly.

There are so many lovely people in my life running a small business – whether its art, jewellery, blogging, or anything else I want to say I’m proud of you. Keep going. You’re living your dream, and sometimes dreams get shit, but you will get through it. I guess what I’m trying to say is, buy from small businesses. Use Etsy instead of Ikea. Look at beauty boxes from your friends instead of worldwide onesBecause from one small business owner, I can tell you, it makes a huge fucking difference.

Curated Combination Box: Shop here. 
Leaky Ceiling: See here.
Dorkface: Shop here.

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