How I Care for my Coloured Hair

I get asked so many questions about my hair.

It’s my pride and joy, so I always beam whenever someone compliments me on it. But I haven’t been good to my hair over the years and have just recently started taking real care of it. So I thought I’d pass on my tips to you guys!

Just a quick one about the colour on my hair – I get my hair coloured at a Salon mainly. I don’t trust a box to get the colour I love! If I do want to go for a semi-permanent colour boost, I go for Bleach London, specifically Tangerine Dream. It makes my hair a real Ariel red!

  1. Only put heat on your hair twice a week. 
    I try to avoid blow drying my hair more than twice a week now. I used to do it 4 or so times, which is why I had so many split ends. So reduce the heat on your hair as much as your able to.
  2. Avoid shampoos & conditioners with sulphates, parabens and silicons. 
    It’s not always easy, or cheap, to find chemical free shampoo. At the moment I’m using Herbal Essences Daily Detox Shine, which is silicone free. But there are shampoos available to have none of the three chemicals in them! (Edit: This shampoo is stripping my colour quite quickly. A good shampoo and conditioner for long lasting colour is Bleach London!)
  3. Shampoo the scalp and condition the ends.
    Having bright coloured hair comes with its cons. I’m always desperate to keep the bright colour for as long as I can, so washing technique is key. It may seem obvious, but shampoo your scalp and let the lather just run through your hair and do the rest. Rubbing the shampoo into the ends of your hair will get rid of colour faster. And condition the ends, avoiding the scalp. I’ve been doing this now for the past few weeks and my hair has felt amazing since.
  4. Blow dry your hair straight.
    My hair is incredibly thick, so I hear your sigh when you read that. It does take a while. It is easier to just blast your hair and straighten it afterwards. But blow drying it straight means your hair is more likely to stay straight, meaning it’s less likely you’ll need to straighten it at all. Less heat = happy hair.
  5. Use the cool setting on your hair dryer. 
    I never really got what the cool setting was for (except for cooling myself down when it’s 30 degrees and you’ve been blasting hot air on you for 20 minutes). But I’ve started using it to dry the roots and most of the ends of my hair, meaning even less heat! Give it a try.
  6. Use the correct brushes. 
    There’s nothing worse than dragging the wrong brush through your hair. Wide tooth combs for wet, thick hair are perfect. A round, natural bristle brush is perfect for blow drying (I got mine from Home & Bargains). My all time favourite is a flat paddle brush, especially when my hair is wet.
  7. Helping your hair grow doesn’t have to be expensive. 
    When I was first growing out my hair, I started taking kid’s chewable calcium tablets twice a day. The difference between these photos is just under a year, and this was taking the calcium tablets twice a day pretty much every day (give or take a few forgetful days!). Again, I just get it from Home & Bargains because these over expensive tablets just do the same thing. Save yourself a couple of quid!(Top photo March 2016, bottom photo April 2017.)


  1. 7th June 2017 / 7:38 am

    I’m buying those kids chewables today! My hair needs some inner strength and loving!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

    • whitedaisiesbluejeans
      7th June 2017 / 11:20 pm

      They’re soooo good!

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