The Body Shop & Meeting Em Sheldon

There are a handful of bloggers that I’ve followed for years now. Hannah Gale, Helen from Love Cats Inc, Lydia Millen, Kate La Vie, Kayleigh Couture. I’ve admired the lovely ladies from afar, and it’s because of these girl bosses that I started blogging. I’d scroll through their Instagram or get lost in their beautifully written blog posts and aspire to have the commitment that they do.

A blogger I’ve been a fan of for such a long time is Em Sheldon. So when an opportunity popped up to enter a competition to go to an exclusive Body Shop event and meet Em, I entered. I was sat in a seminar class, discussing law and ethics on a Thursday afternoon (fun) when I got an email saying I’d won two tickets. Yes, I squealed. Yes, people stared at me.

Why did I squeal, you ask? Well, because Em is the kind of blogger I aspire to be like. She ran her blog alongside her University course, which is what I’m trying to do (thank God for coffee and a 24 hour day). She’s grown her following organically. She’s worked, and continues to work, really bloody hard. I’ve always loved Em’s videos and reading her posts because she is┬ásuch a genuine person. She doesn’t push fad diets, she doesn’t say to cut out food groups, she encourages a lifestyle that you enjoy. Among the people promoting laxative teas and ‘miracle’ meal substitutes, Em really is a breath of fresh air.

And honestly, meeting her, she was exactly the same bubbly, lovely girl behind the camera. She didn’t avoid eye contact, she didn’t avoid talking to people. She really is just, well, lovely!

We were also treated to a chat about the face masks from The Body Shop and everything they have to offer! I was already the proud owner of a Himalayan Charcoal mask, so knew just how amazing the masks could be. But I was shocked at how many products aren’t only good for you – but vegan and so good for our planet and our animals! So of course, I had to buy the Rice and Ginseng mask too.

We were advised to apply everything, even face masks, with brushes as well. I try to avoid touching my face but I’ve always applied face masks with my fingers, so I’m going to have to invest in their mask brushes as well!

Have you tried the new Body Shop face masks? Which is your favourite?

Big thanks to Dan for taking the photos for me!

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