Dairy & Gluten Free Brownie Mix!

Let’s all be honest, dairy free eggs are expensive.

They really are. Like, £6 for one egg? Just because it’s dark chocolate and gluten free? I don’t think so, sister. I really don’t. But I do love chocolate at Easter. Everyone seems to be indulging, except me!

So when I was lingering in the Free From section in ASDA, my eye kept getting drawn back to the dairy and gluten free brownie mix. For £1.60. Surely they couldn’t be that cheap? I picked them up, I decided they had to be mine.

Just a super quick disclaimer: I was a total idiot and FORGOT DAIRY FREE BUTTER. So I did use clover, but of course you can use dairy free!

How they’re made!

There isn’t much to say, because it is so crazily easy to make. Instead of using eggs, I blended two bananas and used that as a binding agent (check out when I did this for pancakes too, here!). It all easily mixed together, smelt amazing (I may have had a cheeky taste of the raw stuff, because it’s like a rule).

I plonked it in a baking tree and bunged it in the oven for 12 minutes at 180!

It baked to perfection, smelt so good as it was baking (picture me staring through the oven window, drooling). They cut well and didn’t stick to the tray, and they tasted so good! There was a bit more of a bitter taste than the usual box mix, but it wasn’t overwhelming and they did taste really, really good. The texture was just like normal brownie, soft and chewy and I wanted to devour them all. There aren’t even 9 brownies in the photo because I just couldn’t contain myself.

This little bag made 9 brownies all together! NINE! So more than enough to have the best solo night in ever, or share them, if you’re inclined to do so (but why would you do that?).

If you fancy trying them out, they’re here!



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  1. 16th April 2017 / 11:25 am

    These sound so good Kayleigh! I’m gonna go to Tesco today and pick some up to make!

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