CarnLIVal, charity and all of my lovely ladies

Charity is a great thing.

What I’m so proud of is how many people I know who are so willing, and eager, to give up their time and money to give as much to charity as they can.

CarnLIVal is run by Katy and Sammy, who put so much of their own time into organising events to raise money for charities. They run a couple of these a year and the time they spend on getting it organised is, quite frankly, astounding.

They’re always emailing brands to organise gift bags and prizes, trying to sort out venues that accommodate everybody, along with dealing with brands and people that cancel last minute. But they make it happen and it’s inspiring.

Which charity they helped

The charities involved for this event were St Rocco’s Hospice and Student Minds. Katy and Sammy also had a Go Fund Me set up and two big empty boxes for sanitary product donations, and these were donated to local schools, women shelters, youth clubs and the food bank!

The boxes were absolutely overflowing with products. Moon/Diva cups, sanitary towels, tampons – it was so inspiring to see how much people donated. There was £150 in the Go Fund Me for even more products and £100 for each of the two charities raised through raffles – like the naughty and nice!

The brands!

We were also so lucky to get gift bags that were jam packed full of goodies. So many amazing brands contributed – one of which was Derma V 1o, who gave us some absolutely beautiful products. Other brands included Illamasqua, Jack and Cable, Fentimans, Flavourly, Seabrook, Mr Lees Noodles, Oh K!, Body Fantasies, Smile Makers, and MORE!

And what about the venue? Well, the venue was outstanding. We had our own balcony and the sun was shining! The room was big, the bar was stacked and it was a beautiful building with our very own tour of the rooms available!

I also got to see all of my girls. I seriously love every single woman in this picture, more than anything, in the entire friggin’ world. (And Hollie as well, who couldn’t be there because she’s a trooper and was working all day!)

These 8 girls keep me working, keep me inspired, keep me motivated and are always there for me. I honestly do not know what I would do without them and our group chat, where we talk and laugh and give advice every single day. They’re my world and I’m lucky, no, I’m honoured, to call them my friends.

Until the next time ladies!

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