Giorgio Armani, Debenhams, Chester

For me, the exciting thing about make up is that you’ll never try everything. Someone is always bringing out something new to discover and I love that.

I’ve never tried any make up by Armani before, so I was looking forward to dipping my toe in the high end world of make up. They did not disappoint.

And what better place to try Armani for the first time than Chester? One of my favourite places, a place where I used to live, which holds good memories for me.

When I arrived, I met the lovely Robyn and Katy (and a delicious plate of chocolate truffle, omnomnomnom). Katy chatted to me about the history of Giorgio Armani – a particularly interesting fact is that there is a portable lab that’s taken to cat walks and colours are created in the moment. That is pretty impressive. Talk about making a statement. What I would give to be going on a night out and be whipping up my very own shade of lipstick just as the taxi was on its way!

Then Robyn and I talked about my routine. How was my skin? What did I use for skincare? What did I wear for make up? How did I apply it? What kind of look did I prefer?

Then, after a good talking to about the fact I don’t use primer (I hang my head in shame), she started trying out the different shades available. Armani have recently released a new foundation, which differs slightly to the Luminous Silk that you may have heard of. It’s called Power Fabric, and the term power could not be more appropriate here.

It looked great and your coverage is up to you – depending on how you apply. Maximum coverage is best for a beauty blender, for example, which is what I use. She contoured, blushed, and then she showed me the best eye shadow look which I just had to buy (I’m allowed, okay, I’m reckless).

By the time I got home it was pretty crappy lighting, so I’m going to be recreating the look and taking some spectacular photos ASAP. Then you can all see the coverage and decide for yourself if it’s worth it!

I also got a few sample from their sister company, Kiehl’s, which I’m dying to try. If it impresses, I’ll definitely be making a purchase!

Robyn also suggested somewhere lovely for lunch, so after feeling glam and looking dolled up, I took a walk over to the Cheshire Sandwich Company for a chicken, bacon and avocado sandwich. An absolute winner – a family run company, with a charming owner and a cute building!

So my Friday was lovely. I’ve needed a catch up with family this week, which has totally helped out my little brain, and this was a wonderful way to finish off the week.

Have you used Armani make up before? What did you think?


  1. 16th March 2017 / 7:30 am

    I’ve never tried Armarni make-up before but I’m hearing good things! Can’t wait to see how that foundation turns out! That sandwich looks delicious too! Can’t beet a good ol’ family run place!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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