Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived

Edit: Before and after photos will be added soon.

Hello one, hello all!

I hope you’re all well. As Summer is slowly creeping up on us, and we probably all look a bit pasty from what felt like the longest Winter ever, I’m going to have a chat with you today about one of Dove’s newest products, the gradual self tanner, Derma Spa Summer Revived. If you’re a fan of gradual tanning as opposed to the fake tan, then this is definitely something you’ll love. Now, don’t be put off if you’ve used Dove’s Summer Glow – I was not a fan of this (sorry, Dove!), but I love their new one.

I bought the new product mainly because it was on offer in Boots and I liked the style of the new bottle (I’m a sucker for new packaging). It is usually around £6.99, but I bought it for £3.49. Although it is in ASDA for £3 at the moment.

I bought the Medium to Dark, as I wanted quick results. Now, to all of you who are as pale or paler than me, you may recoil at the thought of doing this. But after using the darker variety, I would never go back to the lighter shade.

I’ll do a quicky pros & cons below, so you can make a decision on what you think!


It’s fast results. I tend to exfoliate for a few days before and spend time moisturising my feet, ankles, elbows and hands. Then when I come to use the Dove, it doesn’t all crust together and look disgusting. I put this on before I go to bed and the next day I have a beautiful, glowing tan. Then the morning after application, I’ll shower normally and put on my own moisturiser.

It’s even. Even tans are 50% product and 50% application, I think. I use my bare hands to put this on, to make it as even as possible (I once used a spare pair of plastic hair dye gloves, I woke up looking like a Picasso painting). Then I’ll wash my hands and put some of the cream on an old flannel to apply properly to my hands, feet and face (using on your face will depend completely on your skin, I can use it on mine but it is quite rich, so it is all down to your skin type if you do this)! This is the only gradual tanner I’ve used where just washing my hands once gets rid of the colouring off my palms!

It smells like fake tan. I doubt there are many fake tans or gradually tanners out there that can boast a nice smell from application all the way through to results. When you first put it on, it does smell good, but the next day you have that weird old biscuit smell, which is why I shower and apply my own moisturiser afterwards!

It never really feels like it’s completely dry. I cant lie to you kids, it doesn’t feel like it completely dries, which can be a issue for some people. It may just be my overwhelming need to not feel icky, but I have to shower the next day, I can’t just put it on and go out!

However, I would still really recommend this. I’ve tried a lot of gradual tanners and this is by far my favourite. I always get compliments when I use it, which is a bonus!

If you’re unsure, give it a try. With it being new, it’s on offer in most places now, and to pay between £3-£4 is worth it, as you may find the tanner that changes your life!

If you buy it, why not let me know how you found it? Or do you already use it and love/hate it?! Let me know!

Updated: And a big thanks to Dove for sending me some Derma Spa as a thank you! Love you guys.