Things you realise when you buy a dog

Now, you know I love Mei Lan. She’s my baby girl. My darling. The love of my life. But having a dog is a challenge. A real big challenge.

I’ve decided to compile a list of things that have been a harsh reality since getting our little one.

So here’s what I realised when we came home with Mei Lan.

  1. You can have an entire conversation about bodily fluids and/or poo. 
    It’s true. You can. When Jason and I first started dating, little did I know that 13 months later we’d be discussing how our dogs poo was. Did it look healthier than yesterday? (She’d been ill, we don’t have some kind of strange chart.)
  2. You’ll find hair everywhere. 
    The number of times I’ve seductively cuddled Jason only to start choking and spluttering on the hair of Mei Lan. It’s happened more than once. And black bedding? Forget about it. Get rid of it the moment you hand over a deposit for a cream retriever.
  3. They’re expensive. 
    If I’m in a shop, I buy for Mei Lan. You know what she needs? A billionth toy. How about a new bed? Maybe a new collar? She’d look so cute in a Santa hat. And a quick visit to the vets when she’d been ill for a day? £180. Sweet.
  4. You can talk in a baby voice for hours and not realise.
    Do you need a poo-poo? Has she had a wee-wee? Where is my baby girl? Who is the cutest widdle doggy in da whole wide world? Is it you? Yes it is, yes it is!
  5. They never have one name. 
    Mei Lan. Mei Lander. Moo moo. Chow poo. Poo poo. Mr Moo. Mr Lan. Mr Mei Lan. Big boy (although I’ve begged Jason not to call her that). She must be so confused.

Do you have pets? What’s the thing you’ve realised since you got them?

Tell me below!


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