Bloggers that inspired me in 2016

In 2016, I attended my first ever blogging event. I was terrified, but I was welcomed with open arms into a community that continues to inspire me, make me laugh and make me feel safe, secure and loved. Yes, this is cheesy. But it’s also extremely true.

We’re extremely creative women, (and men), doing something brave every single day. We’re putting ourselves out into an online world, exposing our lives, our loves and our down days. While we’re mostly welcomed with comfort from others, sometimes we’re not.

So I wanted to dedicate a post to the every day women and men who inspired me in 2016.

PS: I use the word inspire a lot. Obvz.

Chapters of Kat

Twitter: @chaptersofkat
Instagram: @chaptersofkat
URL: Chapters of Kat

One of the first blogging ladies to make me feel really at home on Twitter. This girl is just lovely, through and through. The first time we met was randomly in the street where I squealed and hugged her! Her blog is amazing, she’s a fellow Manchester gal and I love her.

Sarah – See the Stars

Twitter: @seethestarsblog
Instagram: @seethestarsblog
URL: See the Stars

There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love Sarah. She’s adorable, her content is spot on and she’s just instantly loveable from the first moment you meet her. I cannot wait to meet this lady again.

Katy – The Lilac Scrapbook

Twitter: @KatyGilroyBlog
Instagram: Katy.gilroy
URL: The Lilac Scrapbook

One half of the blogger couple I’ve now decided to call Kammy (can we get #Kammy trending?). A true inspiration, an incredible blogger and an amazing woman. I first met Katy last year at LivHelps and have spoken to her in our group chat pretty much every single day since.

She works so hard every day, her blog is incredibly inspiring.

Sammy – Little Fickle

Twitter: @Little_Fickle
Instagram: @littlefickleblog
URL: Little Fickle

The second half of blogger couple #Kammy! Words cannot describe how much I love and admire this lady. Her blog is always flourishing, her content is amazing and she’s just a fabulous human being. She also brought me together with so many other bloggers that I love and admire!

Lyd – WhatLydDid

Twitter: @whatlyddid
Instagram: @whatlyddid
URL: WhatLydDid

Lyd! What a funny, smart and amazing woman. I love when my Youtube notifies me of a new Lyd video, because she’s so funny and so real. Someone I am so happy I met in 2016.

Sam – SabreBeauty


Twitter: @sabrebeauty
Instagram: @sabrebeauty
URL: Sabre Beauty

My fellow victim of BT pain! An incredibly strong person, always ready to crack a joke and have the biggest smile, regardless of what is happening in her life! A true inspiration. I love her!

Sarah – Saloca in Wonderland

Twitter: @saloca
Instagram: @saloca87
URL: Saloca in Wonderland

All my girls are cheerleaders, but this girl is amazing. Always commenting on blog posts, ready to boost you up and have a laugh. She also rescued me when I was lost at Leeds train station, and for that I will always be grateful! I love you!

Antonia – Allure La Vie

Twitter: @AllureLaVie_
Instagram: @Allurelavie_
URL: Allure La Vie

I knew of Antonia before I’d even met her, and instantly shouted “Allure La Vie!” when I saw her at LivHelps. An incredibly beautiful woman, with a lovely family and a gorgeous blog!

Beth – What She Did

Twitter: @whatshedidx
Instagram: @whatshedidx

This girl can amaze and terrify me with the scroll of a mouse. Her make up is mind blowing, her Halloween make up scares me to death! She is beyond talented and I can’t wait to see what she brings us in 2017.

Vix – Vix Meldrew 

Twitter: @vixmeldrew
Instagram: @vixmeldrew

What can I say about Vix that hasn’t already been said? She’s hilarious. Like, stitch in my side can’t breathe hilarious. I regularly read out her posts to friends and sometimes even (cringe) my mum. She speaks the truth, the painfully hilarious truth, and for that I’ll always love her.

Laila – Tape Parade

Twitter: @tapeparade
Instagram: @tapeparade
URL: TapeParade

My anime girl! We instantly bonded over a love of Sailormoon, and that kind of love is truly unbreakable. I’m also constantly inspired by her writing – her constant battle for equality and for ignorance to be stamped out makes me proud to call her my friend. She’s also an amazing singer and head of Vegan Vegan Club!


Bex – Bubbly Bex 

Twitter: @bubblybex3 
Instagram: @bubblybex3

Bubbly Bex! Her name couldn’t be more accurate. She is always smiling. Always! She’s an amazing lady, and has so much knowledge about make up it’s actually mind blowing. She’s also crazy good at it too! I love you, lady!

Hollie – Hollie In Wanderlust 

Twitter: @holinwanderlust
Instagram: @holinwanderlust

Both blogging and personally, this girl is an inspiration. I haven’t said it to her, but she is one of the strongest girls I know. She goes through shit, but she bounces back and battles through it. She’s going to embark on some crazy adventures this year, I know it!

Danielle Levy

Twitter: @stdnt2staffnurs
Instagram: Danielle Levy
URL: Danielle Levy

Another absolute babe that I couldn’t imagine not being able to talk to every day. She’s an amazing blogger, so cute and so much fun. I love you, girl!

Jemma – Dorkface


Twitter: @dorkfaceblog
Instagram: @dorkfaceblog
URL: Dork Face Blog

Meeting Jemma was like meeting a celeb for me. I have followed her blog for a long time and always been amazed by her content. She has some exciting things coming in 2017, things I can’t wait to hear about! I adore her and her art work!


EmShel – EmTalks

Twitter: @emshelx
Instagram: @emshelx
URL: EmTalks

I’ve followed Em for a while and she’s a big fitness inspiration. She’s so relatable and even though she’s grown her followers so much since I’ve read her blog, she hasn’t changed a bit. She’s still a loveable, relatable girl and her vlogs are so professional and inspiring.

Helen – The Love Cats Inc

Twitter: @thelovecatsinc
Instagram: @thelovecatsinc
URL: The Love Cats Inc

I think out of all the bloggers I love and follow, I’ve followed Helen the longest. I’ve followed her Facebook account for years and watched it grow and love her so much. She’s such a down to earth girl, and her snapchats and content are great. She’s a huge, huge inspiration to me.

Katy – LexiLife

Twitter: @LexiLife95
Instagram: @lexilife95
URL: Lexi Life

What can I say about Lexi? I love this girl. Her make up game is strong, she’s hilarious, she’s relatable and I just know she’s going to smash the blogging world. Watch out for this girl, her name is going to be on everyones lips for all the right reasons!

Fran – Francesca Jayne

Twitter: @fransbeautyblog

How can you not love Fran? She’s hilarious. I live for her tweets (whether they’re fuelled by wine or not) and you can always rely on her to call out bullshit when she sees it. We all need some Fran in our lives. She also has an amazing blog and makes me want to buy Burberry!

Becky – Becky Bedbug

Twitter: @BeckyBedbug
Instagram: @beckybedbug
URL: Becky Bedbug

I’ve learnt so much from Becky and she doesn’t even know how much I admire her! She’s so  lovely and her blog is incredibly professional. This girl is definitely one to follow and look out for if you ever need inspiration.

Sarah – Writing, Rambling

Twitter: @sunshinesarahxo
URL: Writing, Rambling

Always there with a kind word and a big smile you can feel through your computer screen – Sarah is such a lovely kind hearted and wonderful lady. I love her and was so glad I finally got to meet her last year (even though I was a little bit drunk at the time!)

Hayley – Tea Party Beauty

Twitter: @TeaPartyBeauty
Instagram: @teapartybeauty
URL: Tea Party Beauty

After she organised a fantastic event last year, I finally got to meet the wonderful Hayley. Another fan girl moment. I couldn’t help myself. She’s so lovely and such a professional. Definitely a blogger who is going to smash 2017!



  1. 7th January 2017 / 8:34 pm

    Ahhh babe, thank you SO much for including me!! Im so so so bloody flattered! It was THE BEST thing ever meeting you, and cant wait to cya again! <3

    • whitedaisiesbluejeans
      7th January 2017 / 8:35 pm

      I can’t wait to meet you again in 2017! <3

  2. 7th January 2017 / 8:39 pm

    You cutie! Thanks babes, though I may be focussing more on YouTube this year 😂🙈 lovely opening too, made me feel all warm and fuzzy about the community we’re both a part of ✌🏼❤

    • whitedaisiesbluejeans
      7th January 2017 / 8:41 pm

      I love your Youtube as well! Yes, I’m glad it did! So many lovely people to admire!

  3. 7th January 2017 / 9:04 pm

    Beyond honoured to be in this line up, along with my best friends, and the top dogs of blogs! I am thrilled to bits that I walked in and shouted YOU LOOK LIKE KATY PERRY at you at LivHelps, you have become someone that I look forward to hearing from, and your kindness and hilarity light up my life xx

    • whitedaisiesbluejeans
      7th January 2017 / 9:06 pm


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