Monthly Popular Tweets of 2016

I’m really proud of my Twitter page. As someone who, when they first got Twitter, was suspended for constantly tweeting people (I thought you had to tag people to tweet, okay?!), I’m proud of how far it’s come.

Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t exactly gone viral. But you’ll see from the beginning of the year, from April when I started blogging again, and recently how I’ve gotten better at handling the twittersphere.


Working at BT, we have some sports people come in sometimes to say hi. On this day in January, it was Rugby player Brian O’Driscoll. Lovely guy. I’m not a sports fan tbh.



The tragic death of the Warrington band Viola Beach hit a lot of people I know. Local to us, quite a few people tweeted Radio 1 to have them played and they were.



Me, desperately hoping for a retweet, to raise money for our 34 Mile Walk for Sport Relief.



This was me, loving a post by The Sunday Girl.



Inspired by Jameela Jamil, this was one of the articles that helped me realise I needed to get off my arse and go for what I wanted in my life.



This was just me being genuinely amazed by technology.



The most frustrating, but hilarious, episode of The Hotel Inspector I had ever watched.



I found the photo hilarious.



This caused more attention than I thought it would ever get. Some positive, a lot negative.



You people went fucking NUTS for this cat rolling pin.



I did scream at my laptop. I didn’t get any deals. Such is life.



Genuinely feel like sea horses are my spirit animal. You get me?

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