The cure of Clarins

Hello, my little lovelies.

Long time no speak, eh? I’ve been wrapped up in the world of essays, which is strange for someone who hasn’t written an essay for eight years. To say I’ve been busy is an understatement, but I’m enjoying it, a lot.

I wanted to drop by to let you know about my incredible Clarins experience. Antonia (twitter) invited me along to the Clarins in John Lewis at Liverpool One. It’s tucked away in a cute little corner, small, cosy and dimly lit. A little Narnia of facial products.

If we flash back to my Bannatyne’s experience, you might remember me saying I’d never have a facial again. I was not a fan. Little did I know it wasn’t the facial I didn’t like, it was that particular experience.

Our Clarins introduction


We were introduced to the lovely ladies and talked through products, what they were for, how they helped and how much they cost. I talked about my biggest annoyance being the bags and dark circles under my eyes and how I constantly battled to get rid of them. Then myself and the bloggers were treated to our facials

With the Bannatyne’s experience fresh in my mind, I was tentatively guided into a back room by the lovely Jade. It was dimly lit, with a soft blue glow, a chair sat in the middle of the room, covered in towels and a duvet.

“Just pop into the back and uncover your shoulders for me, I’ll be back in a minute.” Jade said softly, and I did as I was told.

I climbed into the heated bed and instantly felt cosy and at home. Snuggled into the duvet, I lay back and sighed, a little worried about what was to come. Jade returned and pressed a button which elevated my feet slightly, making me wonder what on earth was going to happen next.


She asked me about my routine, my skin type and dimmed the lights further. Soft music was playing and I felt instantly romanced by Clarins. After starting my facial, I couldn’t believe the huge differences between them and Bannatynes. Jade wasn’t close to my face, she didn’t talk except to ask if I was okay, the cloth used on my face smelt clean and fresh, I didn’t feel smothered in products. It was completely different. I felt so relaxed.

If you were to have the full treatment it lasts for 85 minutes, I was treated to 25 minutes and felt like I was made of marshmallow by the end of it. I was refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. My skin was glowing, it felt soft and most importantly – I didn’t feel covered in products. I felt like I’d had a real good clean!

After shamefully admitting to using Clearsil for 10 years now, Jade suggested I try out the face cleanser, which I did. I also bought the under eye gel for dark circles and bags and I won’t fully review it now, but it is making a difference!

My Liverpool ladies, or if you’re taking a trip into Liverpool soon, go into John Lewis. Go to the top floor. Enter paradise in the Clarins Spa and you’ll get 10% off treatments if you quote beautyblogger.

It’s also a great way to get into the mother-in-laws good books for Christmas, you get me?



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