OGX Sea Mineral Moisture

Good evening, my lovelies.

It’s Friday night of the Bank Holiday! Most of you are probably getting ready to go out (after 1opm, you crazy kids, I’d be ready to come home by now!), or planning for tomorrow or Sunday night! I like to spend my Friday nights blogging, because y’know, old.

I figured I’d review the Sea Mineral Moisture shampoo and conditioner that I picked up at the #LivHelps event! I’ve tried OGX before but it was a long time ago. So I wanted to give this product a good go before passing judgement.

A bit of background: I have a lot of hair. It’s long, it’s thick, it has a mind of it’s own. I’m also very protective over who styles it. I trust very few people and actually travel 40 minutes to my hairdressers, because she’s the only girl I trust with a pair of scissors near my red head halo (big up to my girl Adele in Trimmers!).

So when I try a new shampoo, I really examine it. It has to tick a lot of boxes for me to buy it again. So without further ado, let’s see how it did!


It foams really well. This is such a big thing for me, because I like to lather rinse and repeat a few times to feel really clean! Having so much hair means I like to separate my hair as I shampoo, to make sure it’s completely clean. Getting foamy after a good scrub is always great and this foams well!

My hair felt amazing after being blow dried. I used the term “woven on the thighs of an angel”. It really did feel incredible.

It was easy to brush after towel drying. I tend to run a brush through my hair before washing it, because knots. But I still find that some shampoos tangle it up again, meaning I squeal in anguish and annoyance as I comb my tender locks. This shampoo didn’t tangle, which is a bonus.

I don’t like the smell. This is such a huge thing for me, because I’m always conscious of how my hair smells. You may have read my review on Dove’s new shampoo and I rave about how amazing it smells – but the OGX just doesn’t have a great aroma. And it lasts as well, so when I turn my head I get a waft of it. I suppose if it’s crammed full of algae and sea salt it isn’t going to smell great – but it is a big downfall.

It’s reasonably priced. Don’t get me wrong, £6.99 for 386ml (Boots) for some people can be breaking the bank (louder for the fellow students in the bank!). But considering my favourite Dove shampoo is £5.99 (250ml), it isn’t a big jump.

Would I buy it again? For how it makes my hair feel? Definitely. I just wish it had a better smell! Although hairspray solves everything, ladies.

What’s your favourite shampoo? Have you used anything from the OGX range?

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