Tai Pan & The Escape Room

Well, hello there kiddy winkles.

How’s your Saturday been? Have you caught some sun? BBQ’d some sausages? Or are you snuggled on the sofa, watching films? Regardless of what you’ve been doing, stop and look what I’ve eaten. Because this is the internet, okay?


The boyfriend and I ventured into Manchester for some food and to have my birthday present treat – The Escape Room! I had such a good day and despite a bit of rain, the weather cleared up and it’s been gorgeous. I also caught some amazing Pokemon, but I won’t go into that too much. You may think I’m a nerd. Which I am, but I don’t need to give people more reasons to unfollow me.

For lunch, we went to Tai Pan. My boyfriend is overly obsessed with Dim Sum, but to be fair it is amazing, so I’ll always oblige. We’ve been here a few times and it’s always busy, but the food is always incredible and the staff always happy to help.

You have the option to take away as well, if you fancy having some more for your tea. I won’t lie, that’s exactly what we’ve done, so I’m going to be devouring some more later. Again, always happy to oblige. Always.



I’d also like to point out that I successfully ate my entire meal with chopsticks. I’m incredibly impressed with this because usually when I’m out with my boyfriends family, I coyly ask for a fork or spoon. Not anymore, my friends. Put the forks in the bin. Throw the spoons out of the window. Actually not the spoons, I’ll need them for cereal.



After eating so much we couldn’t breathe (I wore pants that have a lot of give, momma didn’t raise no fool), we headed into Deansgate for The Escape Room. I’ve been going on and on about this place for a while, and so when Jason bought me some tickets for my birthday, I almost exploded. I’ve been super excited and it did not disappoint.


We chose The Secret Lab, the hardest of all the rooms. I’ll be honest, we didn’t escape. But we did get to the final challenge! (Yes, but you didn’t escape, I hear you say. I’m sorry, okay?!) To give you an idea of what happens: you get sat in a room, given a first clue and you have to escape. There are several boxes to open which lead to your next clue and then, eventually, the next room. You have an hour to escape.


I won’t lie, it’s difficult. We got 6 clues to use if we needed them, and we used 4. And we still didn’t escape! So use your time and clues wisely. You can have up to 6 people in the room, there are different levels of difficulty and different rooms for each level. And it was only £20 each – which is pretty decent for the amount of fun we had.

We’ll definitely be going back to do Room 13 (based on a haunted hotel!) with some friends. It’s so much fun and I’d like to do it again just before a night out – it was a real buzz!

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