And in the Red corner…

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been keeping a close eye on the drama that is Tiddleswift…or Tiddleswifty… or whatever it is we’ve decided to land on.

If you’re not aware of the situation, here’s the low down – Swift and Calvin Harris were together, then they broke up, then a month later she’s seen reenacting The Little Mermaid on the rocks with Tom Hiddleston. Quite the scandal, as you can imagine.

Since then, they’re new love has been plastered all over the papers. She’s met his mother. She’s flown across the world. They’ve dined in Italy, they’ve held hands in Tennessee and there’s no signs of this slowing down.

Now, I’m sure we all have different opinions on how to be around an ex when you’re with a new beau. Do you tread carefully? Or do you owe them nothing? Swift seems to be opting for the latter, not hiding her new other half and Calvin is less than eager to comment. Until today.

In fact, he’s done more than just the odd word to a photographer or a dignified interview in People, he’s hit it up on our favourite social media platform – Twitter.

FullSizeRender 5

Everything is centred about the Rihanna and Harris hit “This Is What You Came For”. The Scottish artist starts out happily admitting that Taylor was a big part of the song and it’s creation, but it quickly takes a downward spiral. He’s clearly hurt, and can we blame him?

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It pulls at my heart strings. He always seemed to me as a private guy – there aren’t a huge amount of pictures of him a Taylor around, so I just assumed he kept himself to himself. But he seems to pretty much bare his soul.

FullSizeRender 7

But that Katy comment? Meow. He’s obviously on about the legendary Katy Perry and Taylor Swift spat.

My opinion? I feel bad for the guy. I think Tiddleswift had sparks at the Met Gala and it’s been some heavy texting until she eventually broke up with Calvin and hopped on the first plane to our glorious, (hopefully) future James Bond.

But what do I know? *wink*

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