The Lock & Quay

Hello everyone!

A lot has happened over the last few weeks, which has meant I’ve had to cancel an opening, decline some collaborations and shut down my Jewellery business temporarily. You may have also noticed I’ve dropped off any Twitter chats and pretty much any social media all together.

But I’ll be worming my way back in, so you’ll be back to seeing my strange, irrelevant tweets again, as if I was never gone!


So I’ve decided to review the best things I can, until I’m back into the full swing of it. So today, I’m going to be chatting to you about the cutest little pub in Chorley called The Lock And Quay.

Like gnats in the summer, Britain feels like it’s being taken over by the gastro pub feel. If I’m honest, I hate it, as I’m sure a lot of us do. But we’re drawn in by offers and let down with bad tasting, microwaved food. You really get what you pay for, so I’m always loathe to go into a pub now, unless it’s so remote that you’d only find it by accident.

But when my boyfriend suggested this, I was so hungry I happily stumbled inside begging for some food, any food, to get me through the afternoon. I felt reassured though, because inside, it didn’t feel like a gastro pub at all. No table numbers, no plastic signs, no promises of home made food with small print and a catch.



It was cute and homely. The tables were cosy, but not too close that you’d be able to share your apple crumble with your unsuspecting neighbour. The decoration was a mix of old style British pub with new televisions, without the tacky attempts at being modern. It was clean, the staff were friendly and chatty. The menu wasn’t over crowded, the prices were low and so far I was really impressed.

Due to not living at home for a month now, I’ve strayed from my dairy free diet because it was easier. Shame on me, I know, and I’m back on track ASAP, because I’m already feeling the (hideous) affects of the diet change. I’ve also put weight back on quite quickly, which is a perfect example of how fatty a lot of dairy products can be!

So I decided, for my last meal as a dairy lover, to have sausage, mash and onion gravy. The mash will have had butter and cream in it, no doubt. My boyfriend ordered the same, along with onion rings and some garlic bread on the side. The two main meals, the two sides and two drinks came to £20.85 – which was an absolute bargain, considering how much food we actually got!



The gravy was amazing. And being raised in a house where Bisto was a sin and it was home made all the way, it’s a big statement to make. It was full of flavour, the perfect texture! The mash was smooth, creamy and delicious. And the sausages were clearly locally bought, not frozen and were just as good as the rest of the meal.

I was shocked at how many onion rings you got for £1.50 and they were lovely too. I often come across onion rings where the onion is practically raw and slimy inside, but this was perfect. I’ll be honest that the garlic bread looked store bought and wasn’t exceptional, but I cannot fault this place for quality on anything else. The food was piping hot, quick to come out (but not so quick you’d expect to hear the ping of a microwave from the kitchen!) and served with a smile.


I’d really recommend this place if you’re ever in the area. It’s great not only for lunch, but I saw signs for Psychic Evenings, Ann Summers Ladies nights, there were offers on drinks and shots. It’s clearly a buzzing place in the evening and I would definitely go there for drinks.

There’s seating outside for the summer afternoons, so it’s perfect whatever the weather.

So if you’re ever in the area and are looking for good food for a good price, I’d really recommend the Lock and Quay!


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