An Afternoon at Astley Hall & A Tiny Dog


If there’s one thing us Brit’s love, it’s sunshine. It comes so rarely to us that when we’re blessed with 15 degrees or higher, we stumble out of our houses, hastily pulling up wrinkled shorts that have hidden at the back of our drawers for the last 6 months. We slather on factor 30 and higher, eager for a tan, but not so eager for the inevitable burn that follows our first few pints.

So, like a good Brit, at the first sign of sunshine I found a top with no sleeves and skidded out the front door. We decided to go for lunch at Astley Hall in Chorley, to soak up the sun and have some food.

(If you’re wanting to go right ahead and see the tiny dog, it’s the last picture. You’re welcome.)


I have to point out the man squatting down (LOL). I apologise if he ever sees this picture, I didn’t intentionally mean to take a picture of you in such a vulnerable position.

Back to the Hall. There’s many things to do here, lots of walking (of course) through the beautiful grounds, including some animals also, a cafe – it’s mainly a museum and gallery, for all you avid learners out there. The walled garden is beautiful – but just the grounds themselves are something to be in awe of.


We spent most of our time in the cafe, where I ordered lamb and my boyfriend had a chicken panini. The food was gorgeous – the lamb was clearly fresh, not frozen. It was juicy, well cooked and delicious. The panini, although not the most difficult meal to make, was full of flavour.

They also had out a selection of cakes and muffins – we shared a lemon and white chocolate muffin (naughty dairy), and it was to die for. It was soft, light and just incredible. The other cakes and options on site (including ice cream!) looked so delicious – if you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is definitely the place for you.



You have an option of indoor and outdoor seating and we chose to sit outside. Although, the furnishings inside were modern and clean, not too crowded, either. The outside is in the perfect sun trap, so we had the sun on us the entire time, keeping us nice and toasty whilst waiting for our food!

They also provide water outside for dogs, so your pooches are hydrated on the hot days!



I also saw the tiniest dog I have ever seen in my life.

No, not the one on the left. The one on the right. Look at it. LOOK HIW SMALL IT IS.





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