Big Hair, Kinda Care


Good Saturday, my lovelies.

I wanted to post about something close to my heart (and my head) today – big hair. I have a lot of hair – it’s long, it’s thick, it’s unmanageable. I’ve struggled with it, I can’t cut it short because it’s so thick so it wouldn’t look right at all. So I kinda have to deal with it on a daily basis!

So I thought I’d spread some wisdom in how I manage it, because it certainly isn’t easy. Before I talk about some new products, and some oldies – I use GHD straighteners, as no other straightener has ever worked as well.


I’ve been a huge lover of Dove lately – and they continue to impress! I found this in ASDA last week for £3 per bottle – I will be honest, I bought this because it smells incredible. It’s hard to describe, kind of like almond butter maybe? Maybe not. It’s difficult. Go out and sniff it.

This shampoo & conditioner have worked wonders for my heavy hair. I haven’t had my hair cut in a long time, so it was starting to feel heavy, tangled and messy, no matter what I did or what product I used. I didn’t expect wonders with Dove, like I said I mainly wanted the smell, but it has more than delivered. But let’s do some quick & easy pros and cons!


It smells amazing. Yeah, I’ve mentioned this, but I can’t stress this enough. It makes your hair smell amazing, seriously, go find one and smell it. And it’s one that lasts as well, even after blow drying, which isn’t easy with thick hair.

It made my hair feel light. I have heavy hair, it’s thick, it’s crazy – but this makes the world of difference. Even before I blow dry my hair, I can already feel how light it is. It feels soft, healthy, shiny – it’s amazing. And this isn’t even a selling point on the bottle – seriously, Dove, you need to brag about this!

It’s difficult to lather up. Having so much hair, sometimes I need to separate it into two sections whilst I shampoo to make sure I get it really clean – so I like a good lather! Unfortunately, this doesn’t lather up as much as I’d like, and with it being £3 a bottle (whilst on offer!) I didn’t want to use absolutely loads.


My second golden product is John Frieda Frizz Ease Perfect Finish Polishing Serum. I bought this as a 3 for 2 in ASDA, as I wanted to try something new. I find that when I use some products like this (like Moroccan Argon Oil), it makes my hair easier to blow dry, so I was looking forward to trying something that didn’t have quite the price tag that the Moroccan stuff does.

It makes your hair feel gorgeous. Even before I discovered Dove, I used different kinds of shampoos – Aussie, Head & Shoulders, TresEmme, but this stuff always helped when it came to styling. It makes your hair feel so good, even after blow drying.

Your hair shines. It gives your hair a beautiful shine, which is always a bonus.

Styling lasts & really works. If my hair is having a happy day, sometimes I use this and it doesn’t need to be fully straightened. (By fully straightened, I mean sectioned out 5 times and all straightened. Sometimes I can just section it off twice.) When it is blow dried and straightened, I don’t get fly aways, it’s shiny and it lasts much longer – so less likely to get wavy again!

A little goes a long way. I’ve had this for a while now and it still pretty much full – you only need the tiniest bit for a big difference. And when you have as much hair as me, you need products to last as long as possible!


It looks so much lighter, and feels like it’s just been cut! So I would definitely recommend all of the above products, if you have out of control hair!

What do you use for your hair?




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