Mini Photoshoot



*Warning: Heavy photo post!*

Good morning my lovelies!

I’m up earlier than usual today, so thought I’d get a post out. I was wondering what to do, then realised I have so many photos left over from my mini shoot with Joanna. I thought I would share these with you, see what you think.

Some of the clothes are new, some of them are old, but I’ll tag brands that are relevant! Some of the pictures are just a bit goofy as well, because it’s hard to take everything seriously after too many cups of tea with your BFF.


Bodysuit and skirt at Boohoo.

Black lace up dress, Kahki dress and shirt dress from Miss Pap.

Thigh high black boots from Pink Boutique.

IMG_1009 IMG_0988

IMG_0982 IMG_1178 IMG_1168 IMG_1122 IMG_1169 IMG_1144 IMG_1231 IMG_1082 IMG_0974 IMG_0971 IMG_0966 IMG_0977 IMG_0981 IMG_1013 IMG_1012 IMG_0999 IMG_1047 IMG_1058 IMG_1102 IMG_1108 IMG_1109 IMG_1117

IMG_1142 IMG_1152 IMG_1156 IMG_1145 IMG_1193 IMG_1199 IMG_1235 IMG_1234 IMG_1232 IMG_1296 IMG_1275 IMG_1274

That’s all, folks! Can’t wait to take some more. I really recommend using Miss Pap if you haven’t before – I’ve used them a few times and had nothing but amazing service from them and their clothes are amazing.

Boohoo is also amazing, I’ve ordered from them for years and will continue to do so! It was the first time ordering jewellery from them and I couldn’t have been happier. It wasn’t expensive and it was packaged really well, so the three tier necklaces didn’t tangle.

This was the first time ordering from Pink Boutique, and I’ll be honest that I just found them online accidentally. I was looking for the perfect pair of boots, because I’ve never had thigh high ones and wanted to try them since losing weight. The service was excellent, the quality of the boots is really high standard for the price.

I would recommend using all these brands and I’ll happily use them again!

Have you ever used these brands? What did you think?

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