I’ve had one of those days today where I feel completely and totally lost. It’s really frustrating, because I have/had a million things to do – and although I did them all, it was in kind of a daze.

At one point, I was wandering so aimlessly around Savers with an armful of scented candles and shampoo, that the shop assistant took them out of my arms and put them into a basket and gave me a sympathetic “Are you okay?” smile.

I laughed it off, but really I’d been lost of a sea of despair, daunted by the smallest of tasks and wanting to cry instead of actually doing them. I was so grateful for the basket I could have hugged her – that’s right, a basket made me happy. For real?

I decided, as it was such a beautiful day, to do what I’d done when I was 14 and felt this way. I went for a walk in my favourite places and decided instead of being scared of the smallest things, but to appreciate them instead.



So I took my walk, and I took some pictures, which don’t really have any purpose other than to look pretty.

I forget how nice it is where I live.

So there’s really not much of a purpose to this post, I’m sorry if I wasted your time, but I hope you’re having a lovely time in the sun!

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