How Messy is your Makeup?

Okay, girls. Hands up. It’s truth hour. Listen up and listen good. We’re all friends here, so let’s just be honest. Who has an incredibly messy make up bag? That’s right. You, in the back, don’t fib! We all have one.

We may take expertly placed photos of our new make up, against white/marble backgrounds, in great light and with great cameras – but there’s an ugly, foundation spattered truth being that little (literal) white lie – and it’s time to fess up! Unless it’s just me who is messy, which could be very embarrassing.


I have a set “every day” make up items, as shown above *puts on her Professor moustache*. Observe. Also, observe how messy it is!

Foundation stained pallets, Mac blushes with the lids missing, dusty Bare Minerals powder? SHAME on you, and your blog, Kayleigh Ann. But it’s too easily done, right? I always forget to clean up the concealer, clean my brushes or organise properly. My lids snap, break, disappear – and it doesn’t look great.


But like age catches up with every woman (and her make up bag), it’s worn but it’s well-loved. And every item lends a bit of magic to bigger eyes, smoother skin, rosier cheeks – and I adore them all for it!

I also keep some empty items in my make up bag, does anyone do this? It’s mainly as a remind that I must stock up on this item, but 4 months down the line, that reminder clearly isn’t working the way I thought it would. It’s kinda like the equivalent of leaving an empty milk container in the fridge – damn, it’s so annoying, but we do need more milk. 

I also feel as though I’ve sinned in the Church of Mac for how I treated my blusher. I’m sorry, forgive me? Things got out of hand and I dropped you, okay? I’ve got (dairy free) butter on my fingers and regret in my heart.


I can honestly say that the best reserved item is my Naked 3 eyeshadow – and that’s purely because it’s only very recently that I’ve had any idea on how to actually us eyeshadow. It’s my kryptonite, so took me a long while to grow accustomed to it.

I suppose now I’ve figured out the basics, it won’t be long before this beautiful rainbow of powder will be next to fall victim to my clumsiness. Apologies in advance, Urban Decay.


So be honest girls, fess up, dish the dirty details – how messy is your make up bag? What did you hide in there, away from the world?

We won’t tell anyone. We promise!

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