A day in Leeds


Good evening, fellow bloggers.

I’m sorry for the major late post today, I had a spurt of spontaneity this morning. After spending the entire bank holiday inside, hiding in my pyjamas and very nearly becoming that crazy-hermit-lady-next-door (except for a gym session very early yesterday morning), I decided to do something very random this morning and make the 2 hour trip to Leeds for the day.

I was anxious, over thinking and had been plagued by nightmares all night, so figured I deserved a bit of a break. So I got myself ready and text the best friend, and we set off at 11:30. IT TOOK THREE HOURS. Because of crazy traffic. I had unhealthy amounts of road rage, I said bad words, I’m not proud of myself, okay? But we entertained ourselves with discussions of the NSA, actors and tales of the weekend – and some singing, obvz.

The BFF lived in Leeds for a long time, so I let her take the league. We had some lunch, wandered around the shops and visited the Corn Exchange. It’s a little group of independent shops, which I loved!


I saw Cacti and took the opportunity to snap some pictures, as I know how much us bloggers love Cacti in our shots!


I also came across a little shop that sold BirdHouse Tea Company tea – which I love! It has so many different flavours, I couldn’t resist buying myself one. And by buying myself one, I mean encourage the BFF to buy it and then thieving some.


Best of all, I treated myself to the smallest bit of shopping ever. A total of £15 for a cardigan (that I’ve been dying to buy for months), a little purse (that I don’t currently and probably never will need) and a pair of shoes (because my heels were killing my feet and I needed something flat).


But seriously, how cute are these pumps? For a convenience buy, I was hugely impressed! And only £6 as well, which is even more of a reason to buy them. The detail on the gold bows are amazing, and they look expensive! And the suede material just feels lovely, although I doubt you’ll be stroking your shoes much.

Unless you like that kind of thing, which is cool. Not judgin’.


And the purse? I never really have little purses like that (I keep my change in my change jar, so it doesn’t end up all over the bottom of my bag!). But the fact it had a K on it, and the nude colour, meant I just couldn’t resist. And it was only £2. Sweet!


The cardigan is something I’ve wanted for a while. I wanted something comfortable, but stylish, in a pale grey just like this one. I was hoping for a more heavy knitted material, but this one looks gorgeous, and so I’m really happy with it!


And with it only being £10, I was made up. Most of the other cardigans I’d seen were between £19-£25, so this saved on the price tag, but looks gorgeous. I was so, so impressed with Primark today – their variety has upped so much, and although things aren’t as cheap as they used to be (I know, I know, I’m a penny pincher!), the quality of the items are lovely.

I also resisted an amazing deal in their Home section – a large, thick, pale pink floral print throw reduced from £18 to £10. If they’d had it in a grey, I’d have been all over that!

So I’m back from Leeds now, anxious as ever as I broke my food plan by having some dairy (I’m such an idiot), but my dad gave me a cuddle when I said I was feeling down. Sometimes you just can’t beat a parent cuddle, no matter how old you are!

My night is going to consist of a bath and Girl On A Train, with a cup of peppermint tea, of course. Has anyone read this book yet? I’m so excited!



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