15 Health & Beauty Regimes I Can’t Live Without


There are many things in life (at least I hope, anyway) that make us happy. Things we really can’t live without doing. Whether it’s how we look or how we feel, we all have things we just adore doing and feel human after doing it.

So I’ve decided to let you in on my Health & Beauty regimes – hold on tight girls, this is a long one!

And remember to comment and tell me what your regimes are!

  1. Exfoliating.
    I cannot, must not, will not live without exfoliation in my life. I have exfoliating gloves from ASDA, which are an absolute dream and are major cheap. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do it every single day, but it’s a must when you’re about to tan! Especially around your feet, hands and elbows. I also tend to exfoliate my face, but not all the time, because sometimes it can do more harm than good!
  2. Moisturising.
    Moisturising is not only a great pamper night, but is good for you. Again, especially before tanning. I take particularly good care of my feet (random, right?) which means exfoliation, cover them in moisturiser (usually from Palmers) and then a fluffy pair of socks. Works a dream!
  3. Tanning.
    I was never big into tanning because it was always so much effort. I got a spray tan before I visited Las Vegas a few years ago and I looked terrible for days, and I smelt even worse! So I avoided it after then. It was only after discovering Dove’s new DermaSpa Summer Revived Body Lotion, which is one of the easiest tanners I’ve ever used, that I try to do it as often as I can now. It looks amazing, works super fast and doesn’t smell disgusting (but you do still get a bit of a fake tan smell, don’t be fooled!).
    I feel sexier when I tan, it looks lovely and I always get really nice comments about it!
  4. No Make Up days.
    You cannot underestimate no make up days. Give you skin a break sometimes, girls! Especially if you’re prone to spots, it’s good to let your skin breathe. Especially considering on nights out, we coat our faces in primer, concealer, foundation, bronzer, finishing powder, blusher and highlighter – that’s a lot of product for one bit of your skin!
  5. Face masks.
    I’ve recently discovered sheet masks and I adore them! They’re cooling, moisturising, and although you look like an extra from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, they really work. I bought mine for 70p, which is a bargain. You’re not losing out by trying them – I assure you!
  6. Exercising.
    I love to exercise. Cardio is one of my favourite past times, it makes you feel good and look good, so what’s to lose? It can also be free, you don’t need a gym to go for a run or even a long walk. There are so many benefits to 20 minutes of exercise a few days a week, not to mention the natural release of endorphins.
  7. Sun.
    Although we don’t get much of it here in sunny England, when we do, take advantage of it. Sunshine, combined with a no make up day, is the best for your skin. As long as you take the proper precautions! I use a moisturiser with SPF 15 in it, so I’m always protected. The sun just has a positive effect on everything as well, dont’cha think?
  8. Water.
    This is not encouraged enough at all. Drinking plenty of water every day can lift your mood, give you energy and makes your body feel great. Face it, cups of tea just don’t count – you can’t beat fresh, cold water. It’s good for you. Your body needs it. Drink it!
  9. Vitamins.
    I take a multi-vitamin with iron every morning and have done for about a year now. It’s done me so much good – with my health, my nails, my hair. There are lots of benefits to vitamins, whether it’s tablet form or Berocca! But check to see which is best for you before buying!
  10. Painted toe nails.
    I wish I had beautiful feet, but alas, I do not. So red toe nails are a must! I was lucky enough to have someone buy me Christian Louboutin red nail varnish for Christmas, and it’s a fantastic product. It dries quickly, it’s a beautiful colour and is so easy to apply. So that practically lives on my toesies!
  11. Intensive hair conditioners.
    I have lots and lots and lots of hair. Seriously, the stuff won’t stop growing. It’s thick, it’s long, it’s scattered across every floor I walk across. My boyfriend found one on his windscreen wiper the other day. How? I don’t know. There’s just so much! So normal conditioners don’t always cut it. I try to use an intensive 3 minute conditioner (usually by the wonderful Aussie) and it helps a lot. Especially at the ends of my hair,, which tends to wither!
  12. Fruits and vegetables.
    My dad is a chef, and also quite bossy (although I love him dearly) and so my teenage years were filled with endless rants of why fruit and veg is so good for you. I used to brush it off, but he was, as much as I hate to admit it, very right. Eating your 5 a day, or even just a 3 a day, is a big difference. Don’t live off chicken dippers, guys, it’s not cool and does nothing for your body! I used to get my veg primarily from McDonalds burgers, and my skin was terrible, my mood was as well, so turn to the proper stuff, the natural foods. See the difference it can make!
  13. Meditation.
    I’m a terribly anxious person, so I sometimes have trouble sleeping. Not necessarily falling asleep, but waking up at 3am is my big issue. It’s a nightmare to get back to sleep, so I tend to let there until it’s okay to get up, then I’m moody all day. I recently found an amazing app called Headspace, which calls itself a Gym Membership for the Mind. It was a sponsored ad on Instagram, so I thought I’d give it a go, and it’s fabulous. I tend to listen to it right before I go to sleep, and I’m guaranteed to sleep the entire night through. I haven’t bought the full version, just the free one, so give it a try and see if it helps you!
  14. Sex.
    Need I explain this, really? It’s exercise. It’s endorphin releasing. It gets rid of stress. And by golly, it’s fun. Although I don’t really think I need to convince anyone to do more of this, right?
  15. Me time. 
    My counsellor said to me yesterday “When do you have your ‘me’ time?” and I had to stop and wonder. “Blogging is my me time…” I said. But I realised that when I do blog, because it’s so much fun, I feel like I’m doing it instead of things that actually need doing. So today I made sure I did plenty of blogging, for fun, for me time, and I feel much better for it.
    Put some time aside for you. Whether it’s a walk, a bath, a reading session, or just binging on Netflix. Make some time for your own head! Do something that makes you extremely happy. It’s definitely worth it.


  1. 1st May 2016 / 9:13 pm

    Great post ???????? I can’t say I do 1, 3, 5, 7 (well I am from Scotland), 10 or 11! But I agree with the rest. Meditation intrigues me but I honestly wouldn’t know where to start!

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