20 Things You Do When You’re 20+


Getting older is scary. And even though I’m only 25, that’s the oldest I’ve ever been! So yeah, it does freak me out that in 4 years and 8 months I’ll be 30, because in my head I should already have everything figured out by now. And I don’t.

And I’ve realised, since falling flat faced into my twenties, there are things I do almost religiously that I never did before that reflect how “in-between” understanding I am. I’m utterly on the fence, in the grey, hopping over the line between 50p vodka shots and heating up baby bottles.

So I thought, why not share this crippling fear with you guys? And I’m doing that in a list of things that I do since turning 20, that I never did/worried about before.


  1. Count my money jar. Because surely someone slipped £100 in coppers in it when I wasn’t looking, right?
  2. Ignore letters. I used to get super excited when I got a letter – but now when I see a statement I recoil in fear. In the bin, it must go!
  3. Question the meaning of life. Constantly.
  4. Come up with crazy schemes to become a millionaire overnight. Usually on a Sunday.
  5. Convince myself that I could have made it big as an actress, if only my mum and dad had sent me to the Hermione audition, I could be in Emma Watson’s shoes right now.
  6. Buy candles. And storage jars. And anything less than £4 in Ikea.
  7. Scroll through the most expensive houses on Right Move and imagine where I’d put the previous mentioned Ikea items.
  8. Make a decision to have kids.
  9. Make a decision not to have kids.
  10. Rant about how expensive rent is all the damn time.
  11. Watch The Chase.
  12. Enjoy The Chase.
  13. Answer questions like “so when are you going to get engaged?”
  14. Get actually, medically stressed.
  15. Throw caution to the wind.
  16. Desperately try to catch caution again, because you’re actually still scared of most things.
  17. Appreciate a cup of coffee/tea in the morning.
  18. Understand my parents.
  19. Decide that eloping is the only option.
  20. Realise that everyone, absolutely everyone, is just winging it.

So how about you guys? What do you do now you’re in your 20s that you never did before?

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