Sanctuary Spa – Covent Garden


I’m a big lover of stealing *ahem* I mean, borrowing, beauty products from friends and family. Sharing’s caring, right? So that’s why, when I discovered that mother dearest had some Sanctuary products, that I took this opportunity to borrow them.

I’ve had Sanctuary products before, I think in a very old Glossy Box from a while ago, but never actually tried it. I’ll be honest that I never used to be a huge fan of the packaging, and I’m very much drawn in by this for products, so never paid much attention to the brand.

But on the cold winter days, which seem to be increasing as the days go on (come on, it’s almost May and it’s snowing?!), I found myself in need of a hand cream. And I came across the one above and… below. Excuse the fake tan nails, they need a good scrubbing.


I have to be honest, I love this stuff. It’s amazing in so many different ways. The smell is so fresh and clean, the texture is thicker and not smooth, it’s almost velvet like and it feels amazing when you put it on. The big thing for me is that it soaks in fast, so you don’t run the risk of dropping your cup of tea after putting it on. Bonus.


I also tried the body lotion, which is just as good. It smells different than the hand cream, it’s much fruitier, but just as fresh and makes you feel clean! It soaks in really quickly, so none of that sticky residue you get with some lotions.

I really recommend them – they’re really great products and I’m just gutted I didn’t use them sooner! I’m working on thieving the body wash soon as well, so I’ll keep you tuned in.


Shop the post – unfortunately, I couldn’t find the gift set that included both of these items, but the link to take a look at the full Spa Sanctuary section on Boots is:

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