Day Eight & Nine

Lord above, I’m tired. My body is exhausted. Apologies for no post yesterday, I crawled into bed after a late night gym session and didn’t move until morning. I didn’t post anything about my regime over the weekend because they were my rest days from the gym.

I’ve done more cardio this week than anything else – it helps clear my head, and although I don’t always get the endorphins rush afterwards, I feel good during which is good enough for me right now! I’m also currently obsessing over Gossip Girl while I run, so it’s good to have something to watch for 35 minutes!

The way I view myself is that I’ll probably never be happy with how I look, I can only rely on the numbers on the scales. And although I’m not revelling in my looks, I have noticed differences that let me know my body is happy with what I’m doing. My hair feels healthier, my nails are longer and stronger, my skin is better. But ironically, my thought process seems to be getting worse.

But Rome wasn’t built in a day!



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