Since completely changing my diet, I’ve had to find new and “inventive” things to eat. I’ve not suddenly turned into Gordon Ramsey (although I do swear as much as him), but I’ve tried things I’ve never tried before. I’ve also thrown ingredients together I would never have tried before.

These are just a few of the things I’ve discovered, or appreciated more, since having to make a big change. And it’s really worth including these in your diet if you want to eat natural foods more!



So many of my meals now include avocado’s that I’m considering growing them in my garden (mental note…google this). If you haven’t tried it, believe the hype – it’s amazing, easy to use, tastes delicious and there are so many good qualities. What qualities, you ask?

Well for starters – they’re gluten and dairy freevegan friendly and contains no cholesterol. This is a huge thing for me, as I can’t stomach dairy or gluten anymore, so it’s a big tick. Also, my dad has recently been told by his doctor that he has to lower his cholesterol, which means he regular buys them (so I steal his!).

They’re also full of fibre and have been known to help with anxiety. It’s not a magical cure (so don’t binge on them and hope you’ll suddenly be worry free!) but they do help.

Invest in this little green bad boys. You won’t regret it!


I’ve always been a big lover of hummus – it’s an amazing dip, especially if George Clooney likes it. *Hubba bubba*

george clooney

Hummus is great in lowering cholesterol as well (woohoo!) and it’s vegan, so it’s very much like our sexy avocado friends. It’s also similar because it’s got buckets of fibre in it, which is always good.

Don’t get me wrong, this creamy tub of goodness is fatty, but it’s all good fats. So scoop away, my charming dippers.

Oat and rice cakes

These aren’t the sexiest of foods to introduce into your diet, but you can do a lot with them, which is great. The most obvious one for me is smothering them in hummus, if I’m craving a snack mid-morning or mid-afternoon. They’re rich in fibre and they’re light, so if you have trouble with big meals like I do, they’re great.

If I’m not very hungry at lunch time, I’ll usually have a plain rice cake with hummus and ham/salami on it. It’s quick, easy and really good for you.

They’re great as something sweet or savoury as well – I found these Kallo Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes in Home & Bargains for £1 a pack and they’re vegan! That’s amazing. They’re great for something sweet, and they’re huge and only 80 calories, so it’s perfect.

I’ll be experimenting with these bad boys soon – maybe some peanut butter and banana?


Peppermint Tea


Peppermint tea is by far the best discovery since my stomach issues. Have you ever tried it? It’s actually amazing. I’m not exaggerating. And please don’t be put off if you tried green tea once and didn’t like it – this is much nicer. And the benefits are never ending.

It’s caffeine free, which is perfect if you’re naturally anxious. As you’ll probably know, caffeine is a big anxiety kick starter, so you can drink this and not have to worry (literally). It also means it’s a lovely drink to have in bed, all snuggled up with your favourite book or Netflix series!

It’s great at aiding sleep. When I have a cup of this, I sleep very deeply. I’m not sure how it compares to camomile tea, but I think camomile tastes like you’re drinking a hamsters cage that’s been brewed, so I’d prefer this sweet tasting beauty.

It’s a natural stomach soother and is great for digestion. This couldn’t be more true. If you decide to splurge on a larger meal than you’re used to, or you just find that a meal has made you more bloated, have a peppermint tea. It’s a dream and it really does work.

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