Day Five (a day late!)


Ended up being a busy bee yesterday and completely not doing Day 5. Sorry about that!

So how has it been?


So yesterday was the last day of my first week trying to improve my health once and for all. I’m really proud of how I did – but I didn’t completely stick to my plan. I haven’t touched a sweet potato yet (but definitely will this weekend, fries come at me!), but played around with salads and wrap recipes instead, trying things different ways.

I’ve had a crazy amount of avocado, in salads, on wraps – I may even try them on gluten free toast soon! I found that mixing the avocado with chopped cucumber, adding a little salt and pepper made it taste just amazing.



I went to the gym a total of 8 times, instead of 10. Thursday I took a break from my afternoon session, and Friday I did an hour walk with the 3 dogs in the afternoon instead. But I’ve still noticed a change in my body, although my stomach still isn’t 100%, but I know that’ll come with time. Since last month, I’ve lost 4% in body fat, which is a big achievement.
I found that the 45 minutes in the morning was great for me – but 45 minutes in the afternoon just never happened. I kept it at 20 minutes, which was plenty for me, so I’ll stick to that for now and increase it as I go on.

I’ve also noticed my body reacting to the natural foods – my nails are longer and stronger, my hair is growing faster, my skin has improved hugely. After living off cereal, my health declined quite quickly – my skin erupted, I was covered in bruises because my capillaries became week and started bursting, I was exhausted and grumpy. The only thing it was helping was keeping my stomach at bay.

This was my skin on 14 April, apologies for the picture and for the fading fake tan on my neck! My skin never breaks out like this, so it was really bad at this point.
This was my skin on 19th April – it’s better, but not great. This was after 1 day of natural food eating.
This is my skin this morning – after 5 days of natural foods, dairy and gluten free.The light isn’t great, but it’s cleared up so much. My body is clearly loving all the fruit and vegetables it’s getting, natural fats, no processed foods, plenty of water and exercise. It really does make a huge difference!

I won’t say the entire experience has been easy. I’ve found it difficult not counting calories, both with food and in the gym. But it does make me feel better when I don’t do it. There have also been some days when my stomach has been really bad, and I’m not sure why, but it has been easier for me to monitor my food intake. And going to the gym eased it, which is a great thing to know.

But I’ve let my blood sugar drop too low, which has affected my sleep. So I’m learning how to keep that balanced through the day, so I don’t have slumps where I just want to crawl into bed and stay there.

I’ve also still been weighing myself and looking at numbers, which isn’t good for me to do all the time, so I’ll need to phase it out.

But there have been great things. I’ve been experimenting more with my meals, trying foods I’ve never tried. I’ve got back to drinking plenty of water a day, I’ve had more energy when I’ve focused on my blood sugars.

It’s only one week so far, but it’s looking good. No gym this weekend! Plenty of fruit, vegetables, walks, meditating and relaxing.

What are you up to this weekend?

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