Day Three

Good evening, my little love bugs.

This is a mega late post – I’ve been a busy little bee tonight, finding things to make me super happy. Also caught up with some people I haven’t spoken to in a while, which was lovely.

I pushed myself harder today, which felt amazing. 40 minute run this morning, 20 minute stepper. Then my work out later in the day has left my dizzyingly sore! But it feels good.

Just a huge shame that my stomach, all day, has been awful. I’m not sure if my body can handle how much fruit and veg I’m putting into it – it’s craving processed foods and E numbers, but I’ll battle through it, like the brave little toaster I am. I also don’t think it helps that I ate quite late last night – I’ll need to eat earlier, to see if that helps. Process of elimination!

I also had a lovely chat with my mum, who made me feel a bit better about my current state of mind. It’s difficult, because at times like this I feel mentally good. Strong, capable and positive. But there’s always that cloud that I feel is waiting, nagging at me, begging me not to have a rice cake because it’s extra calories!

I also had a chat with some people in the same position as me work wise – stressed, unhappy, unsure what to do. It’s heart breaking when people you care about are pushed to their limits – I want to help, but I’ve not even been able to sort myself out!

At the moment I’m just grateful for the positive people I have around me.

Day 3, done.

Bring it on, day 4!

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