Day One!

Oh, hi there!

I’m sure you’re dying to know how my first day went. Did I succeed? Did I fail? Well, I’ll tell you. Grab your popcorn.

My day started by heading to my doctors to have a very honest conversation about my anxiety. After an embarrassing amount of tears and some confessions, I did feel better. He has been my doctor since I was barely out of nappies, and has always been very honest with, sometimes even when it can hurt! I realised I need to drastically change my thinking method, and I’m on my way to that.

But, back to the food. And the gym. The schedule was a bit skewed, as I had my doctors at 9:20 and then dashed home to take some tablets to help my stomach (it was acting up something chronic today). Then I headed off to the gym, for a 35 minute jog/run and 10 minutes on the cross trainer, whilst binge watching Netflix (I love watching Netflix in the gym, the time flies!).

I then headed off to Aldi and ASDA to pick up the food for my new plan. Unfortunately, due to the time it took to get everything, I missed breakfast, which I was gutted about. I was very excited about the soy and porridge combination, but alas, tomorrow will bring that!

I got home and was excited to try my rice cakes, but nervous to have a proper meal. I know that sounds ridiculous, but when eating makes you ill, it becomes a nerve wracking thing to face. Sometimes I’m fine to eat, and will do happily, but other times it brings huge anxiety. Today was one of those days.

So I had some rice cakes with hummus and ham, which was amazing. A few hours later, I had 3 strawberries on 2 plain rice cakes, with some honey. Not a lot, but it felt enough at the time!

Then at 3:30, I headed off to the gym again, and probably due to the lack of breakfast had limited me and I only managed a 25 minute resistance session. But I still got in squats, press ups, sit ups and some burpees!

Tea was amazing! I cut open my first avocado (I’m a natural at it, of course!) and mashed up half an avocado with diced cucumber and salt and pepper. I then put it on a whole meal wrap, with some dairy free mayonnaise, and chicken. Amazing!

My stomach is still bubbling away as I type, probably the last bits of pain from my tummy this morning, so we’ll see if this works. Fingers crossed it does.

The start of an uphill struggle. It’s difficult when you finally have to face something that’s plagued you for a long time, but I’m going to stay focused.

Have you suffered from anxiety when it comes to food? IBS? Tell me your experiences and what you did or are doing to change it!

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