McDonalds to McHealthy…? Sorry. Poor name.

I’m figuring that by now you realise that I’m not only a chronic complainer (sorry about that) but also that I suffer badly with what is most likely IBS.

Over the years I’ve loaded my body up with the worst food imaginable, to the point where I was eating 3 McDonalds a DAY (I wish that was an exaggeration!), and I was pretty much known as the “fast food girl”. My car is regularly littered with KFC bags, Subway wrappers and chocolate bars – I’m honestly keeping the fast food business afloat by myself.

In January 2015 I was hovering at around 10 stone 4 pounds. Which when you’re 5″2, isn’t great. I also have an hourglass figure, so I can say pretty confidently that a lot of the fat sat around my booty. Beyonce was right; I was not ready for that jelly.

I tried going to the gym, but I was surrounded by bad food and I’d always fall off my plan. I’d even convince myself that Chinese food wasn’t that bad – it’s just noodles and sauce, right? Then I’d suddenly have 2-3 month spurts of enthusiasm. I’d smash the gym, I’d eat right, then I’d fall off the wagon again.

It was after a break-up last year that, during the usual break up stress, I lost a lot of my weight. Mainly because I was living off one meal a day, a constant anxious wreck about everything changing around me. (I hate change!) I’m embarrassed to admit, took up more poor eating habits, desperate and worried about how I looked. I was terrified of putting the weight back on and avoided food as a result. Then when I did eat – it’d be more fast food. It’s not healthy, physically or mentally, to put yourself through that kind of diet plan.

Over the last few months, there’s been more change in my life. Personal upheavals, stress at home and never-ending pressures at work, and too much bad news to count. This is when the IBS flared up and this is where I am currently. A cross roads. *Pause for dramatic music.*

I’ve realised that I can’t make small changes and expect a big result. Drinking peppermint tea and avoiding dairy (which has been my life since November), isn’t working. Neither is living off cereal, which if anything, is damaging my body.

I’ve written out a plan for food and for exercise that I need to stick by, if I ever expect to live a life where I’m not running to the bathroom, experiencing spasms and pain in my stomach or feeling sick. I’m hoping the diet (although I hate to call it that, it’s more of a structured food plan) will help the physical issues and the gym will help calm my anxiety, which flares up the problems even more than chocolate does.

The problem with food for me is that I’m incredibly lazy – it’s so much easier to pay £6 for a KFC meal deal than to go home and cook a meal. So I’ve tried to make the plan as basic as I can, without it becoming so boring that I stray.

Here it is. I’m hoping I won’t break down on the first day and eat a McFlurry.

(Note! I’ll be aiming to go to the gym twice a day in a bid to beat down my anxiety. I’m an extremely anxious person, which is a huge contributor to my IBS, so I need to get a handle on that and exercise makes me feel good!)

Inspiration: I took a lot of ideas from Scarlett’s Blog, as she experienced a lot of the same issues that I’m currently having and this worked. Although she says she isn’t a professional when it comes to nutrition etc, her posts have been hugely helpful to me!

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